How will you know when you're succeeding? This question can make ALL the difference

I'm not a therapist, but in therapy there's a question often used to help clients know when they're on the right track, its "What will be happening when you know you are succeeding?"
Here's a normal story I hear, Greta has a goal to "look good" again, she decides to really go at it for a month and tries all the things her friends tell her to do and somehow she finds that she looks basically the same when the month is over. She's disappointed that she doesn't look any better, she feels like she's wasted her time and her money on a new gym membership. Regret sets in and she feels worse now than before.
She may indeed be living a healthier lifestyle and changes might be taking place that she hasn't even noticed, because she hasn't been LOOKING for them. She has less headaches and pain, she sleeps better and maybe she's eating more vegetables. But those weren't her goals, she wanted to "look better" and she thinks she failed, so she gives up.
Here's some examples of things that may be happening when you are on the road to success:
  • Eating more vegetables and fruits every day.
  • Getting some kind of regular physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Drinking alcohol only on the weekends.
  • Eating low-fat popcorn instead of chips,
  • Ordering a side salad instead of fries
  • Being able to walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for breath
  • Looking forward to drinking tea instead of soda
  • Feeling more energetic and hopeful
What will be happening for you when you know you are succeeding?
Many people make it about the number on the scale, and that can be helpful, but in just as many cases it can be harmful.

Your job today is to find out what are those things that will be happening in your life when you are on the right track. Try hard to make these goals things you can control and  feel, its nice to get attention, but that is out of your control and if you don't get it maybe it will be something that deters you!
Take time to really notice the things that you identify, its something that most people completely overlook and it can be a HUGE factor in your continued success!
I'm proud of all of you who are stepping up and beginning this amazing journey of self transformation! It's going to be INCREDIBLE!
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