[NTC] Day 4 Rewards will keep you goin

Meal Plan:


Breakfast: Leftover Green Apple Breakfast Sausage, Raw Carrot Sticks & Raw Almonds

Lunch: Leftover Mustard Glazed Chicken Thighs & Golden beets

Dinner: Asian Style Meatballs, fresh cabbage and bok choy slaw, no miso soup

Snack: 21DSD friendly fruit + nut butter or FULL FAT YOGURT (no sugar)



Try a new activity if possible, or repeat Tuesday. Also see if you can do some of your work today standing up, sitting all day will kill you!



Okay, so maybe yesterday was a bit heavy! I hope it helped some of you know that my intentions with this program are REAL!


One thing you need to do to make these changes we are talking about is to immediately reinforce your good behavior with a reward. This reinforces the new neural pathway you are creating. There's two critical steps to making this really work for you:


First, when you take a new positive action that you have decided on (go for a walk, eat properly, etc.) immediately recognize your behavior and then reward yourself, this could be anything you like- playing a favorite song, putting on favorite perfume, watching a favorite show, or anything that you really enjoy.


The second part is to switch up the reward, get creative with yourself... don't keep giving yourself the same reward, we humans get bored and stop responding, so outsmart yourself!

Every once in awhile make the reward REALLY BIG, this also keeps us interested.


Yes, this is just like animal training, but it works on us as well! You can skip the guilt and shame when you fail, just feel your disappointment and move on, dwelling on it works against yourself. The more consistently you use rewards for yourself, the faster you'll grow and the longer you'll stick with it.


Jennifer XOXO