[NTC] Day 5 You're my Hero

Meal Plan:

Breakfast: Bacon & Root Veggie Hash, 2 eggs any style or 3 ounces protein

Lunch: Leftover Asian Style Meatballs, cabbage & Bok choy slaw

Dinner: Shepard's Pie with green salad and dressing of choice

Snack: Grain Free Banola + milk, coconut Milk or Full fat yogurt

Drink your tea!!


Short PEM workout

5 minutes easy warm up
One to Two Sets Maximum Reps of
Pull Ups or Lunges
Abdominal Planks
Cool Down Stretch



If you're on this journey with me, I know one thing about you- You're a HERO, you've stepped up to go through this new journey, to achieve something spectacular, to solve your problem and help yourself.


Heroes aren't just in movies and books, heroes are anyone that dares to put themselves into a situation where they are in danger, they risk revealing their own vulnerabilities, injury, peril and possibly failure. They are the opposite of victims.


Do you see yourself as a hero?


Having been where you are, I feel safe in saying the answer may be NO.


But its time to change that, even though I may not exactly be done with my journey entirely, I've seen enough to know that we are definitely HEROES and we need to start treating ourselves like the special people we are.


Our journey is important, and has the potential to change the lives of everyone around us, for the better. Think of the way you impact others when you encourage them to be healthier, simply by asking someone to take a walk with you can be enough to change their health and their lives.


I know how easy it is to underestimate your influence, especially when it comes to food & health, I challenge you to simply be an example of good choices and good health. To be the brave person I know you are, I don't think you ever even need to talk about what you're doing differently, people will see the positive change you are making and the belief you have in yourself, and they will be inspired, so don't be surprised when people start asking you what you are doing differently!


If you need to, create an alter ego Hero persona, I talked about that last challenge here on the blog. Until it becomes comfortable for you to treat your choices and your life as heroic. Its only one tiny decision, that can make a huge difference.

Don't forget to double knot your cape ;)

Jennifer XOXO