If You Feel Like Giving Up- Just Do One Small Thing!

SOOOO...has anybody else run into some difficulties, unexpected surprises or failures already in 2016?
You're not alone!

The only important thing is that
Keep Going!
I'm going to admit, I've felt like I couldn't win in January, I've even felt a bit like a failure... luckily enough, I've had help with these type of feelings before...
You see, I met a brilliant woman named Dana in 2014,
and really the most important thing she's taught me
is that for every problem there's a solution, sometimes
you just need to think differently to find it!

That sounds easy, but its not really so easy,
because we are creatures of habits-
habits that reward us for keeping them! It's
vicious circle we get locked into!
So, just decide to start small.
Start with one thing.
Start here!
This PMS water recipe is actually good to drink all month long,
the fiber in the carrots helps balance hormones and trap excess estrogen in your body to escort it out, which can help produce less
acne. Carrots actually contain a natural sort of pesticide in them which helps kill bad bacteria in your intestinal tract and then the fiber helps feed good bacteria.
Drinking a glass of water and then eating the carrot should help fill you up, it can be a great snack between meals that's very low in calories. You may want to wait to add the lime to just before you drink it, as the lime rind can make detox waters bitter.
Aim to eat one large carrot per day, remember that this is not medical advice or a substitute!
If you have listened to my mindset trainings and have stuck with the January Tea Challenge
I'm proud of you!
If not, that's okay too!
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