A Challenge From My Heart To You

So I just want to share from my heart today
a personal note about why my commitment to
Newport Skinny Tea, and to you, is so big
Today is the day my mom transitioned out of the
physical world and at that time I was still very young,
her death and her mother's death were both very sudden
and unexpected. Those experiences left me with a deep desire to
understand health and wellness, it is my deepest desire in this life.
I struggled greatly for many years to understand what
it all meant and why I had to experience this in my life.
What does this mean for you?
I am compelled to share with you that my feeling is
our greatest gifts are born from our
greatest struggles and pain.
If you fear being along, being unloved, being lost
or just not being adored the way you want to be,
you can use all those feelings to transform
yourself into who you are destined to be,
your greatest and most powerful YOU.
You can change your life,
and on a day like today I want
to encourage you to do it now,
don't waste more time,
wondering if its possible,
if you desire it, it is possible.
But you must turn and face your fears head on,
those who want to reach the highest levels
of life, either personal or in business,
must always confront their darkest demons,
it is how we rise to our highest possible self,
and how we fulfill our destiny.
I cannot do the work for you,
but I can help you as much as possible.
I can be a guide and offer you what has worked for
me and thousands of other people.
I know, this is all very deep, especially for
someone who has never even met you in person
But I deeply believe in you and
we were somehow brought together through
my dream and my triumph over struggle in my life
I know you can do it, I hope you will
take this January Tea Challenge with me,
I want you to commit to yourself that
NOW is the time to have the life you want,
You don't have to buy my tea to participate,
you can follow along either way!
If you want to make a pledge privately you can reply back to this email,
if you want to do it publically on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter,
please tag us and use the #NewportSkinnyTeaChallenge
21 day January Challenge starts 1/11
You can purchase the official challenge pack here
There will be 2 meal plan options:
a 7 day intense cleanse + 14 day whole foods meal plan
or you can do 21 days of the whole foods meal plan
And you can choose gym or home workout plan 
Thank you for listening!
Here's to a wonderful 2016
PS: I'm working on some great incentives, giveaways and prizes for you guys! We are experiencing a 2-3 day delay processing orders due to volume, thanks for being so patient!