Clearing Subconscious Blocks to Diet Success

Having great intentions is not enough to get you to your goal.
Like most people, we've been exposed to a lot of "programming" in our lives, you know when you observe what's going on around you and determine what's what....
Most of that happens for us before the age of 7. Yes, we still live mostly from what we determined was safe, valuable and worth our time before the age of 7!
So, do you wonder why sometimes you want things but you actively do the opposite of what will get you to your goals?
Sometimes this is called having a "cross-purpose."
It's what crosses our wires in our brain, makes us eat the same foods we've always been eating despite going on a diet. Makes us stay up till midnight when we swore we'd be at the gym by 6am. You get it.
Even if you choose to get out of your "comfort-zone" consciously, its not that easy, because you've got subconscious programs that keep you doing what you've always done.
Two of these powerful programs are: Doubt and Lack of Awareness.
Now that you have read this, you know what you didn't know before, so congratulations, most people never take the time to work on themselves like you do!
First of all, I'm going to ask you to bring awareness to yourself that you have these hidden programs, pointing them out to yourself is actually a huge first step. Intuitively, you can feel their existence when I point them out.
Now, I'm going to ask that you ask yourself-- in what ways do you doubt your ability to overcome these obstacles? Did you have people in your family who commented on your weight, your love of food, or only praised you when you looked "Good" (in their eyes)?
Were you often told or shown not to try, because you would fail or experience pain in some way if you put yourself out there by attempting to do something new?
Love based behavior modification is so common, we thinks its completely normal. You only receive love from your caretaker when you perform certain actions, look a certain way, achieve milestones...
Sadly, its actually the opposite of Love. As in real LOVE. The love that you needed and never felt like you got. Being Loved just because you're you.
I'm here to tell you, you can change this programming. You can feel loved simply for being you, you can and you will. I will help you, but you will do it.
First ask your higher self to erase your doubt, show you that you are capable and ask your subconscious mind to clear the blocks you have about loving yourself.
I know this sounds simple, and you will have to repeat it several times, maybe for several days, but your mind will listen to your request.
Second, ask your mind to bring you awareness, become aware that you are more than what you have learned, that your potential is unlimited.
Finally, tell yourself that your higher self you are worthy of love, just because you are here, on this planet, experiencing life and figuring it all out.
Try it and see for yourself! I have asked for these blessings for you as well, you can choose to receive  them if you desire.
Here's to an amazing 2017!