Easy Healthy Habit: Morning Sunglight Ritual

If you're like me then your mornings are pretty freaking busy!!!
Summer is over and back to school craziness is in full effect.  I've been struggling with getting back into waking up at 6am, because I've always naturally been a night owl. I really have always loved staying up late... but I know its not great for me.
Tons of studies have shown that supreme health can't happen if we're staying up really late. We get more disease, more obesity and more depression.
How do we change this bad habit? How do we get supreme health? I really want to know and I really want to achieve it.
Dr. Jack Krause, a neuro surgeon who has successfully lost over 100 pounds and completely changed his own health 100%, is passionate about the fact that we MUST get out into the morning light for at least 10 minutes.
By doing this we can begin to reset our circadian clock, that is intimately tied to the earth, time and the seasons. When this clock isn't functioning right we can experience suboptimal hormone production because are bodies are confused about what time it is, our brain is basically misfiring.
Artificial light has a different ratio of blue to red light and it drastically affects our whole body in a dramatic fashion. To get away from this artificial effect we need to get outside into the natural light and morning light is especially beneficial because it has the highest amount of red light.
So its fairly easy to create a nice place to sit outside in the morning and drink your tea or coffee and soak in some rays. In the Winter it gets a bit more challenging, but its VITAL that you get some exposure to Sunlight or a Light box that simulates the Sun, it will revitalize your energy and help your metabolism repair itself.
The most benefits will come from not wearing sunglasses during the morning Sun exposure and by your eyes absorbing some of the ambient rays. Of course, YOU SHOULD NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN, this can result in blindness.
You can also combine this ritual with your exercise habit and go outside to walk and connect with nature, or meditate while the Sun is on your face. Light is absorbed by the skin and creates Vitamin D as well.
To your health & happiness
Newport Skinny Tea