Feeling Blue? Practice this Amazing Breathing Technique

I find that anything that changes my state of mind will help to lift my vibration when I'm feeling down.
One thing I've found that will help me is the Wim Hoff method of breathing. You may have seen his Ted Talk or interviews with many gurus. He's famous for being the "Ice Man" and bathing in ice cold water.
Many of us never think about our breathing, we breathe very shallowly. Remember when I wrote about how 70%+ of the weight you lose is through your breath? I really believe that breathing more effectively is one key to weight loss.
Wim helps people gain stamina through his breathing technique, but it can also help you feel better, in just a few minutes.
Here's an example of his breathing technique on You Tube.
Also, here's a link to more about him on his YOUTUBE channel.
Its free, its easy, just make sure you listen to the possible side effects and practice it safely.
I wish you health and happiness

Jennifer XOXO