Tea is Always Great For Lifting My Spirits

Of course, tea is a way for me to feel better. Pretty much any tea will help soothe me when I'm feeling down.
Boiling water on the stove helps change the vibration of the water structure so its better absorbed by the body. Steeping leaves in the boiling water helps release the essential oils and other beneficial compounds into the water.
Also, I love the ritual of making tea and taking time to drink it, I find the pause refreshing. I like adding lemon or stevia or honey when I feel like it and taking a moment to reflect on life. I like that this tradition has been going on for thousands of years and links me to ancestors I will never know, I know that they survived things I can't even imagine. I know that I come from a long line of survivors... and I can get through the hard times. 
I find tea something easy to be grateful for when things are tough. I know it is always there for me, nurturing and making me feel fulfilled when I want to give into cravings I know aren't good for me. It is simple, yet complex.
Lately I've been drinking Corona del Mar paleo lean tea. Normally I like strong, caffeinated hot tea, but I've been making CDM lean iced and its so delicious!
I feel like it is one of our most relaxing teas because it is naturally rich in minerals due to the rooibos red tea which helps stressed, tense muscles relax. Its also full of lavender and spearmint, both of which help your mind relax. Since I've been in cocooning mode, drinking less caffeine has been good for me.
Can you use tea as a way to improve your mood? Help lift you up when you are down? As a way to relax? Connect with a friend? Or just as something to be grateful for?
Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!
Love Jennifer XOXO
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