How to Start Being a Fat Burning Machine

You want to start burning your body fat instead of storing more of it like you have been for awhile, despite all you've tried?
That's the goal of the Body Breakthrough Program, using tea, cutting edge technology and a low carb diet.
I’ve juice cleansed, I’ve master cleansed, I’ve South Beached, Atkins, and Carbohydrate Loved my way into a lot of skinny jeans.

AND I’ve failed at dieting A LOT of times…. I mean, I should have an Olympic gold medal for all the failed diets I’ve attempted. I bet you’ve had some failures too.
I will tell you that as someone who has studied dietary planning for over a decade, the recent discoveries in this field are nothing short of miraculous… in an industry that has preached “Calories in-Calories out” for YEARS, there is finally a realization that this is not entirely TRUE. BUT, it’s not entirely false either…
That is what has made it so difficult to master.

I’m going to attempt WHY controlling calories and exercising have worked at times, but not at all times and HOW you can finally understand HOW to burn fat all the time.
Insulin, omg I’m talking hormones AGAIN,  is responsible for driving excess calories into our fat cells. Without insulin, this cannot happen. Science has known this for a while, we can even prove it in labs. However, science has been very slow to really admit this is the case.

I’m not going to get into the political and economic reasons I believe are behind this lack of informing the public…

However, it is becoming very big news in certain circles that reducing your insulin is going to make you lose weight.

If you are insulin resistant, pre-diabetic or have type 2 diabetes, it will be challenging to reverse these conditions, but many people have done it.

The solution lies in changes of diet and exercise, but maybe not in the way you think.
In your diet, only refined sugars, starches and grains can evoke an insulin response which stores calories as fat. If you eat a tremendous amount of protein at one meal, you may also get a small response, but in general fats and proteins cannot evoke an insulin response and cannot make you store more fat.

Here is where it gets a bit tricky, if you eat a mixed meal, meaning it contains refined carbohydrates, protein and fats, the amount of the total glycemic load of the meal will determine the percentage of the calories that get stored as fat, and in that case the percentage of calories stored as fat will be of the total meal… this is why the fat grams matter. Because fat has double the calories!!

I hope that makes sense, because that should turn on a giant light bulb for you!!
Eating sugar all the time (like the 6 times per day and 11 servings of grains that the US Government recommends) keeps your insulin high, it keeps you in fat storing mode all the time. It also turns you into a sugar burner and creates a ton of chronic inflammation in your body. It keeps you craving sugar every two hours, it is really not your fault or something you can willpower your way out of.

The pancreas creates insulin to keep your blood sugar stable, because without this handy feature we would die, like instantly. Only 1 percent of the pancreas deals with insulin, ONE PERCENT. Our ancestors didn’t really need much insulin, because they weren’t eating things that required it.

To fix this problem immediately, I want to suggest you start to reduce the frequency you expose yourself to insulin provoking foods and start to train your body as a fat burner.
This means sticking to what I call the Bulls eye diet plan, Meats + Veggies + Low glycemic fruit, I wrote a blog on this topic, it’s worth reading. As you lower your fat intake, and train yourself to burn fat, your body will start burning your fat stores.
Also leaving more time when you are not eating, prolonging your period of fasting between dinner and breakfast can make you more insulin sensitive and start to burn more fat.
This last part is what is called intermittent fasting, you are aiming for at least 16 hours of not eating, like between 7pm and 11am. Work up to it, start slow, its not a race, increase time not eating by 15 or 30 minutes per day. This leaves an 8 hour window in which to eat all your calories. Even if you eat the same amount of calories in this window, you should be storing less as fat, because there are less opportunities to be exposed to insulin.

Tea, especially the Newport skinny tea daytime blend, specifically increases your insulin sensitivity as well and can help reduce chronic inflammation in your tissues.
Exercise can deplete your glycogen  if you do it in a fasted state and help your body get into fat burning mode. Exercise can also make you more insulin sensitive. Increasing intensity, duration or frequency all seem to have a positive effect on insulin, however it is widely recognized that exercise will increase your hunger and often make you over eat sugar and starch.

HIIT training specifically helps overcome this problem for many people, too. High Intensity interval training can make you more insulin sensitive, which is the goal.
That's your first four steps in the Body Breakthrough Program-
reduce processed grains & sugars, increase your fasting time, drink tea & water and perform high intensity interval training.
Here's to a fit 2017!