Magic Crystals for Weight Loss

Some of you received crystals from me, I wanted to help point out what they are useful for. Make sure you cleanse your crystals before you use them and make them your own by setting intentions.
Crystals contain crystalline structures, when you connect with their energy they can lend you their properties. You can hold them, or just place them near you, you can even make crystal water or baths. I'll be writing more on this soon, just take great caution to know your crystals are safe to use in water and how to make them properly.
The crystals you received are:
Sodalite- Helps you balance your energies, calm your life and boost your internal metabolism.
Amethyst- Reduces cravings, great for controlling your appetite and helping heal an uncontrolled craving of certain foods.
Blue Apatite- Perfect for actually suppressing your appetite and starting out on a weight loss plan.
I truly hope these help your journey easier!! I love crystals and have been excited to get to share them with you- Thanks for including me in your transformation!