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  • Hidden Ingredients Keeping You Inflammed

    Lately, I've been reading a lot about inflammation and how most disease and weight gain have its root in systemic inflammation that is attacking the body. If you have stubborn extra weight and nagging small health issues, like digestive issues, acne, fatigue and joint pain, you probably are experiencing inflammation in your body resulting from your diet. A doctor can test your C-reactive protein markers and tell you for sure, that is a good place to start.

    Removing the 7 most common reacting foods in the body from the diet will often lead to better health without doing anything else and is a sure sign you have at least one reaction to a food. Often the foods we love and crave the most are the ones we need to stop eating and that are giving us the biggest problems! It's unfortunate that many so called "healthy" foods can be very bad for us in terms of inflammation.

    The most common dietary culprits are gluten, eggs, sugar, soy, corn, dairy, peanuts and artificial sweeteners. Often a detox is just giving the body a rest from these foods and alcohol/caffeine. I'll be the first to admit, these foods are hard to avoid. If you eat the Standard American Diet, you'll probably left with little else to eat. Many of these foods are hidden in other foods, especially corn, soy and gluten. The good news is you can see results and feel better in 2-3 days and know for sure if this will benefit and motivate you.

    I created the eating plan in response to this research, wanting to get super fast results without having to feel constantly deprived of satisfying food. And I was very happy when I learned that tea is the perfect beverage to assist detoxing, it helps remove extra fluid from your tissues and deliver nutrients to tired organs. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that make will be even more beneficial to you if you are eating only healthy food you don't react to, that's what make this detox amazing!

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