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  • How to Design a Weight Loss Detox Bath

    Custom Detox Bathing


    Before You Bathe:

    • Drink plenty of water! Your body is supposed to sweat out all the toxins, so you will need to keep your body as hydrated as possible.
    • Make sure someone else is home. Some people feel dizzy/light headed afterwards. Just in case you don’t feel well, it’s good to have someone there to help.
    • Allow your body to digest your food before taking a bath (i.e. don’t eat immediately beforehand).

    The Bath:

    • Make sure the water temperature is hot, but comfortable.
    • Start mixing in the ingredients when the tub is about halfway full. Every now and then, swirl the water around to make sure everything is mixing/dissolving.
    • Stay in the tub for 20-40 minutes.
    • You can take these baths anywhere from once a day to once in a while, depending on how your body reacts to them.

    After You Bathe:

    • Get out of the bath slowly and carefully. If you feel dizzy/lightheaded, this feeling should go away after a few minutes. 
    • Drink plenty of water! Your body sweated a lot, so you need to re-hydrate.
    • It is suggested to moisturize your skin with olive oil or coconut oil.
    • If you take a shower to rinse off, make sure the water is cool.

    Types of Detox Baths

    I’ve seen a variety of different detox baths, all with different ingredients and different proportions of each ingredient. Really, you can be your own “chemist,”  do some trial and error, and find what works best for you. A range of suggested ingredient amounts are provided in parentheses (again, pick what is best for YOU). For Epsom salt, start small and work your body’s tolerance up.

    Main Detox Bath Ingredients:

    • Epsom salt (1-2 cups)
    • 100% magnesium sulfate – replenishes body’s magnesium levels
    • Increases body’s ability to detoxify, strenghtens immune system, helps soothe aching muscles, reduces swelling, helps heal bruises
    • You can read more about Epsom salts here
    • Baking soda (1-2 cups)
    • Neutralizes any chemicals in tap water (chlorine and flouride especially), smoothes skin, helps alkalize body & aids detoxifcation

    Optional Ingredients:

    • Green tea bags (2-5 bags)
      • Antioxidant, relaxes body, soothes sore muscles and rashes
    • Apple Cider Vinegar (1/2-2 cups)
      • Anti-inflammatory, softens skin
    • Essential Oils (5-20 drops)
      • Great aromas and unique therapeutic benefits of each
    • Ground Ginger (1 tbsp – a handful)
      • Increases circulation, promotes sweating, helps open pores, helps in pain relief
    • Lemon halves/lemon juice (1 tbsp – 1/3 cup)
      • Antioxidant, brightens skin
    • Olive Oil (1 tbsp – 1/3 cup)
      • Moisturizes skin

    This is a wonderful way to relax and get healthier, these can be done regularly but make sure to keep them under 30 minutes as you will begin to reabsorb the toxins. Make sure you don't get too hot and add cooler water if you start to sweat profusely. You can also use your leftover loose leaf tea in your bath, just contain it in a small bag or infuser so it does not clog your drain.

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  • H&LBC Day 1: Legs up wall

    Day 1 of Hot & Lazy boot camp

    Legs up wall yoga pose is so easy! Its a restorative, restful pose you can do it while you’re doing something else and the list of benefits is HUGE (see below). Here's a great example of being rewarded for being more lazy! With daily practice you will see better digestion, better circulation and better skin tone, plus less anxiety! Try this today and feel better immediately!


    How to do Legs up wall

    1. Sidle one hip as close as you can to a wall.
    2. Swing both legs up the wall and move your rear end as close to the wall as possible. If this hurts your hamstrings, slide a few inches away from the wall. Rest your arms on your belly, or stretch them away from you in a T, W, or V position.
    3. When you are done, bend your knees, roll to one side, and rest there, taking a few breaths before getting up.


    what’s going on in this pose?

    • Your femur bones are dropping into your hip sockets, relaxing your psoas, the muscles that help you walk and support your lower back.
    • Blood is draining out of your tired feet and legs.
    • Your nervous system is getting a signal to slow down, It’s all stress release and recovery   

    Want more of this in your life?

    • Do this pose while doing something you love, it will form a positive link in your brain, such as watching guilty pleasure TV shows, playing games on your phone or reading Divergent for the 3rd time. Set an alarm on your phone for the first week, because we often forget to integrate new habits- make technology work for you!
    •  Check out Yoga Journal’s A lazy girl's guide to yoga
    •  Ask a fun friend to check out yoga classes with you, most centers have a special rate for first time visitors. Or find an at-home yoga based workout program, our favorite is Piyo by Chalene Johnson 


    • Eases anxiety and stress
    • Therapeutic for arthritis, headaches, high blood pressure, low blood pressure and insomnia
    • Eases symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, menstrual cramps and menopause
    • Relieves tired or cramped feet and legs
    • Gently stretches the hamstrings, legs and lower back
    • Relieves lower back pain
    • Calms the mind
    • Regulates blood flow
    • Relieves swollen ankles and varicose veins
    • Helps testicular, semen, and ovarian problems in men and women respectively
    • Improves digestion and circulation
    • Restores tired feet or legs
    • Stretches the back of the neck, front torso, and back of the legs
    • Improves problems of the eyes and ears
    • Relieves mild backache
    • Helps keep you young and vital
    • Calms anxiety
    • Relieves symptoms of mild depression and insomnia

    Contraindicated for glaucoma, please check with your doctor first before trying this pose if you have any concerns about your health and/or medications.

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  • Is tea a really super fat-burning beverage?

    Tea is essentially an infusion of vegetable leaves that contain some of the most potent natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances known on earth. Regular drinking of tea, green or black, is associated with great health thanks to tea's high content of a catechin polymer called epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG.

    Antioxidants are substances found in tea (and many other foods) that can prevent and slow the oxidative stress on the body which occurs naturally, but can be increased by things like exercise and a poor diet. There are many studies done on why antioxidants, especially those found in tea, are so beneficial for the body. But what most people really want to know is, can tea really help increase my metabolism? And the answer researchers keep finding is YES!

    Studies comparing the fat burning properties of caffeine alone vs caffeine combine with EGCG show that the latter combination results in a 12% higher rate of fat burning, even when no exercise or other caloric restriction is present! That means that drinking tea even while sitting on the couch will help your body burn more fat! One study concluded tea's "thermogenic properties could reside primarily in an interaction between its high content in catechin-polyphenols and caffeine." This flies directly in the face of the "Calories in-calories out" model where fat burning can be increased only by increasing physical activity, which is why people have such a hard time accepting that tea can actually help you.

    This synergistic fat-burning result between caffeine and EGCG explains why tea has a greater effect on weight loss than taking either caffeine or EGCGs alone, along with the other great benefits tea has on preventing inflammation, tea truly can be called a super fat-burning beverage!

    So drink up!


    Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee you will have weight loss.

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  • Tea is healthier than water to drink??

    Could it be true that tea is healthier to drink than water? Maybe wishes do come true...

    In August of 2006, the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a review of tea-based studies conducted between 1990-2004, the results may astonish you:

    1) Tea is not dehydrating. High doses of caffeine are dehydrating, but even very strong tea does not have nearly the caffeine necessary to dehydrate our bodies. Go ahead and fill your water bottle with the tea of your choice, green, white, black, oolong or pu'erh, and you will see and feel the difference that Dr. Carrie Ruxton explains surpasses filling your water bottle with water alone.

    Dr. Ruxton, lead author of the study, told BBC news that she recommends drinking 48-64 ounces of fluid per day, and, she says "that can include tea." Most importantly, she told the BBC, "Drinking tea is actually better for you than drinking water. Water is essentially replacing fluid. Tea replaces fluid and contains antioxidants so it's got two things going for it."

    2) Green Tea is not healthier than black tea, but both provide advantages over plain water. Both types of tea contain similar amounts of antioxidants, although they are of different types and amounts, green tea contains approx. 316 mgs. of flavonoids and black contains 268 mgs. Both teas provide the same health benefits in terms of antioxidant capacity.

    Antioxidants quench the free radicals that are produced during daily exercises and chores, in fact our bodies are constantly oxidizing which produces free radicals. We help this process along by eating foods that are refined or fried in oils at super high heat. Our bodies are not designed to cope with so much free radical build up, once we go past a certain threshold our cells begin to age prematurely and this leads to the path of disease. We would have no hope at all if it weren't for antioxidants, they come to the rescue by destroying free radicals and slowing down the oxidation process, keeping our cells younger, longer.

    3) Drinking three or more cups of tea per day (approx. 24 ounces) can reduce the risk of a wide range of health problems, ranging from heart disease to cancer to diabetes. Each type of tea contains a different type of flavonoid, and that starts to get pretty technical, but research shows that all are effective in scavenging free radicals and keeping you in good health. The Newport Skinny Tea program is 3 cups of tea per day, 2 of the daytime tea and one of the evening tea. While you are following the program, you can drink more plain tea, either caffeinated or decaffeinated and any variety you choose.

    So do not be afraid to replace a good portion of your daily water intake with tea, and quickly replace any soda, juice or sugary beverage with tea, especially if you are trying to improve your health or lose weight. You are doing your body a huge favor in keeping it younger, healthier and hydrated. In upcoming blogs, we will discuss the numerous ways tea benefits your health, and if you aren't yet convinced that you should be drinking a lot of tea, you will be soon!




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  • What on earth is a teatox anyways?

    Tea + Detox Program = Teatox

    A traditional detox program is not necessarily a weight loss program, but often weight loss is a result of following a detox diet, especially when using beneficial herbs along with the diet. A Newport Skinny Tea teatox is for a specific period of time during which herbs are used in a tea form for retraining our digestive systems to release excess water and waste materials and to deeply nourish tissues. The use of tea makes sticking to your diet far easier for several reasons discussed later.

    Some of the more powerful detoxifying herbs in Newport Skinny Tea are: Cinnamon bark, Dandelion Leaf, Ginger Root and Slippery Elm Bark.

    Cinnamon Bark is used to warm and energize the body, promoting sweating and stimulating circulation. Ginger Root has many of these same properties and also calms the stomach and reduces nausea, which can occur during a detox. Ginger can also soothe a sore throat, reducing inflammation and it helps build hydrochloric acid in the body, which aids in digestion of plant matter and stopping candida overgrowth in the body.

    Dandelion is a major general health-building tonic and a great source of potassium. Used to clean the liver, it reduces congestion and improves the flow of bile, both which benefit digestion, allowing nutrients to be more easily absorbed by the body and allowing greater energy to flow. In the kidneys, dandelion enhances the flow of urine, helping to remove fluid trapped in the tissues, reducing the appearance of cellulite.

    Slippery Elm soothes the lining of the intestinal tract and aids in the expulsion of toxins by providing gentle laxative action.

    Tea is an easy, effective way to curb hunger and give the body loads of great health benefits at the same time. Tea is very satisfying to our taste buds and helps break destructive snacking and compulsive eating patterns because it changes our habits. It only takes a couple of days to train yourself to reach for tea when you feel hungry instead of food and soon you’re craving it instead! Often we eat when we are actually thirsty, and reaching for tea allows us to rehydrate our bodies and retrain our hunger meters, as well.

    It is a widely held myth that tea is dehydrating, it is actually large amounts of caffeine that are dehydrating, so feel free to reach for tea, hot or cold, whenever you want, limit your daily intake of Newport Skinny Tea to the recommended amount, 2 cups of the daytime tea and 1 cup of the evening tea. Use plain green, black or herbal teas at other times.

    For thousands of years herbs have been used as healing agents, they are powerful and gentle at the same time. Treat herbs with the same respect that you would any drug or medicine, consulting your doctor to make sure they are safe for your individual needs.

    Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee weight loss.


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  • How to Drink Your Way to a Better Body


    Everything you put into your body will have either a positive or negative affect on your overall physical appearance. This is especially true when it comes to what you drink each day. Most people who are watching what they eat will end up consuming more calories because of their daily beverage choice increase their sugar and calorie intake. They use sweet beverages to curb their food cravings and they don’t realize how many calories they are actually drinking each day.

    Here are a few helpful tips on how to drink your way to a better body:

    1. Drink More Water

    There are so many incredible benefits to drinking water. Water is essential for digestion, skincare, blood flow, and weight loss. It also helps to flush toxins from your body and increase your energy level, plus it will make you feel full. The best part about drinking more water is that it has no calories. That is why it can help you achieve the better body that you desire. Adding lemon to your water will help your liver digest fats.

    1. Newport Skinny Tea

    One of the easiest and most effective ways to drink your way to a better body is Newport Skinny Tea, we call this a teatox, or detoxing fast with tea. It is jam-packed with powerful ingredients designed to inspire good metabolism. The lotus leaf in Newport Skinny Tea helps break down fat, the rose hip in it is a mild laxative and diuretic designed to flush out toxins, and it has ginseng in it for increased energy. It also has Kokum rind which improves digestion and supresses the enzymes that converts excess calories into body fat. Newport Skinny Tea has both a morning and an evening blend that will keep you feeling full and satisfied all day long.

    1. Avoiding Sugary Drinks

    If you want a better body, you need to start by replacing any sugary drinks you usually drink with water. So many people mistake fruit juices for being healthy choices. It is only good for you if it is 100% natural fruit juice with no added sugar.

    1. Limit Alcohol Consumption

    There is nothing wrong with a glass or two of wine each week, but it should not be a regular occurrence if your ultimate goal is to develop a better body. Like most fruit juices, alcohol is high in sugar. In one night of drinking, most people can easily consume an entire day’s worth of calories. Try to save alcohol for special occasions and keep it to only a couple of drinks per night.

    1. Real Fruit Shakes & Smoothies

    A filling and rewarding snack that you should allow in your daily diet is thick and creamy fruit smoothies. They make the perfect breakfast and they will help ensure your body is getting all the nutrients and antioxidants it needs. Keeping your smoothie low sugar is wise.

    Making the right drink choices can be very beneficial to your health and it will help you achieve a better body. Try to drink more water, drink Newport Skinny Tea twice a day, avoid sugary drinks, limit your alcohol consumption, and fill up on real fruit shakes and smoothies. You’ll notice a positive change in your body within the first few weeks.

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