Weight Loss- Calorie Deprivation vs Calorie Restriction

Still starving yourself in order to lose weight? Is that working? Enjoying those mid day blood sugar swings, mood swings or late night eating marathons?
When we think of losing weight, often we think of dieting, which means calorie deprivation.
Most people believe "Calories in, Calories out" balance model is essential for losing body fat.
That we mustĀ find that magical weight loss unicorn: THE CALORIE DEFICIT!

I have been unicorn hunting for YEARS, and what I figured out is that hypothetically this model works, in basically a sealed chamber where you control all variables, however 50% of what determines your caloric burn is not something you directly control... I will talk more about that later this week.
And, when you use the ALL CALORIES are CREATED EQUAL model of deprivation... aka, I'll starve all day and then I will eat half a pizza... because CALORIES.... you turn on all your feast or famine hormones I've talked a lot about previously, and no doubt will talk about again!
Today, though, I want to talk about caloric restriction, specifically refined carbohydrate restriction.
When you replace your refined carbohydrates with low glycemic vegetables and fruits, you naturally lower your caloric intake and you add fiber, vitamins and water.
This GENIUS move also accomplishes 3 other really important things which help you LOSE WEIGHT and STOP AGING:
1. reduces oxidative damage through less exposure to free radicals
2. reduces excess blood glucose levels
3. reduces excess insulin levels
so, eating MORE food can produce better results, if they are the right foods. Those three points above are what we cause you to gain weight, gain illness and get old, not what we want! This is exactly why I designed Newport Skinny Tea!
The key factors for an anti-aging, calorie restricted diet that will help you achieve ideal body composition, energy and mood, according to Barry Sears, Ph.D., who has been researching hormonal weight loss for over 20 years are:
Adequate Protein
Adequate Essential Fats
Adequate Level of Quality Carbohydrate for Optimal Brain Function
Adequate Vitamins & Minerals
This is what I've been writing about for years, balancing your protein, veggies and fats at each meal, making sure you get water, fiber and vitamins!
It is really hard to get off white sugar, flour and especially the liquid sugar drinks! That's what Newport Skinny Tea is designed to help you do, so it won't be so painful!
Newport Skinny Tea was designed to help stop all the above conditions, that increase weight gain and rapid again. Very high in anti-oxidants and flavonoids, Newport Skinny Tea is very healing to the body when you are transitioning yourself to a Whole Foods balanced diet.
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My highest wish is for you to experience great health and love yourself!
Happy Valentines Day!
Jennifer XOXO