Why You NEED a Gold Star!!

First of all, congratulations for being here. You rock!
You are putting yourself first and making sure you are getting what you want,
that's rare and its awesome!
Remember less than 2% of people have goals that are written down,
and they succeed at reaching their goals more than all the rest of the 98% combined!!
Which are you? Do you have goals for this challenge?
How will you know if you succeed unless you can measure yourself?
I want to talk today about the "Clean Plate Club" and how people think about themselves as "good."
Most likely when you were a little child your parents rewarded you for eating  all your food, you received praise, dessert or just avoided being punished when you at it all!
You were inducted to the "Clean Plate Club!"
They actually reinforced an idea in your mind that to please them you had to eat whatever was on your plate.
But that is not the case any longer!
Today you get to decide what is good for you!
That means you don't have to eat everything on your plate, you can save it, you can share it, you can throw it away!
You get to decide what goes in your body, how much it needs and you can say NO to eating everything!
One of the best strategies is to begin changing how you see yourself, to redefine what you think of as praise.
Because we still are conditioned to believe following these old rules is a good thing, our brain still gives us internal praise when we do them!!
You need to move up the priority of your health and well-being, your weight loss and eating habits. You need to give yourself some rules and some praise when you achieve them!
It sounds difficult, but it just takes a bit of attention.
Start with "I drink tea before every meal," and "I eat protein, water, fiber and healthy fat at every meal" and "I eat enough to be satisfied."
Then praise yourself when you accomplish them, notice when you feel better, you have less bloating, your clothes fit better, or you have more energy. Notice the subtle changes, because that is how these small things become habits, we reinforce them to ourselves.
You will have to be brave and strong to make changes, if you need to set an alarm on your phone, make a reward chart with old school gold stars or use something you really want to purchase as a goal reaching bribe. Maybe you need to get someone to help you make these changes?
Whatever works for you: DO IT!
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