What Not to Do the Monday After Your Weekend Binge

Do you start your diets on a Monday?? Do you vow to eat only fruit for breakfast and salad for dinner and exercise for at least an hour? Drink only tons of water? And by 7pm you are completely ravenous and stuffing anything you can find into your face- only to be filled with shame?
Why is that? Are you repenting for all the "Bad" things you ate or drank over the weekend? Your lack of exercise? Are you just hoping your "WILL POWER" will be stronger on a Monday?
It's not, sorry! It will fail like it has before, because you can't out WILL POWER your hunger... you may for a little bit, but eventually your body will win. You are naturally seeking to balance your body, but the way you are going about it is causing more harm than repair.
It's really hard to get out of the Eat Less-Move More mindset if you've totally bought into it. Most people have a damaged metabolism from this practice, either carbohydrate sensitivity or the  beginning of metabolic disorder. This has happened because the mainstream view is a CALORIE IS A CALORIE... but we are finding now, its not true.
If you have really been a good calorie counter and survived on salsa, tortilla chips and diet soda, your body maybe really struggling now, because all those chemicals and fast-digesting carbohydrates really messed up your blood sugar regulation and hunger hormones.
Sadly, that type of diet also probably caused you some depression, lack of energy and feelings of hopelessness. You may continue to try to lose weight, only to feel more depressed!
I've been there and I've heard the confusion from hundreds of people about the fact that they are trying very hard to lose that last 10 pounds and CAN'T!!!
The worse thing you can do after a binge is starve yourself. The hormonal affects of a meal last approximately 5 hours, if you have over fed yourself on carbs, sugar, fat or alcohol and then you starve yourself your body becomes even more confused.
You have driven your blood sugar very high and then it will crash, when you try to starve while its crashing it will cause you a lot of discomfort and it will make your hormones overcompensate again, making them swing wildly out of control.

The best thing you can do is to immediately go back to eating a clean, nutritious balanced diet as outlined in the Newport Skinny Tea protocol.
Go for a walk or do something very relaxing after you eat, try to get your mind totally off of worrying about food or anything else. Have you tea and drink water, your blood sugar will calm down if you give it protein, fiber and water. DON'T give into the temptation to eat more sugary carbs!!
Our two new teas are perfect for getting your body back into balance, that's what we're striving for. Feeling the amazing flow of well-fed, nutritious whole food diet that the body counts on, which makes your hormones balance and your mood feel fantastic!
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