[NTC] Restock Your Pantry the Skinny Way

If you are serious about seeing results in the November Tea Challenge, you know that you will need to get rid of foods that trigger your food addictions and binge patterns. You already know what foods you have no control over. There are probably others that trigger you to over eat and trigger silent inflammation in your body.
The foods that most commonly trigger allergic responses are often the ones we crave, they are wheat, dairy, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish and eggs. (Two of these foods are included in the list below, if you know that you are not sensitive to them, you can include them in your diet.)
If you feel that any of these foods are causing cravings for you, you should try to remove them from your diet and see if you lose water weight and your cravings disappear. You should know in three days if you are sensitive to them.
All foods with artificial dyes, sugars, flavorings or color should be removed from your pantry, all foods with trans fats should also be removed. The closer you come to using the whole food, the better. Begin to replace them with foods below:
Foods That Burn Fat
Certain foods have a significant calorie-burning effect so you melt calories as you chew. Adding these foods to your diet while cutting others out can help you burn fat. A few nutrients and compounds that rub your metabolic fire based on simple findings that lead to weight loss are:

Gluten Free Whole Grains

Your body burns twice as many calories when breaking down whole grain foods, such as oatmeal and brown rice, because they are rich in fiber. Fiber rich foods stay in your stomach for a longer while, saving you from a coffee run. Don’t eat the sweetened and flavored variety. Choose plain oatmeal and top it off with berries. The right kind of carbohydrates from whole grains can help you shed oodles of weight in no time. If you have a very damaged metabolism you may have to give up grains for awhile, as they can be problematic for people. Keeping the serving size under 20 grams of carbs per meal can help. Use the “Bite portion” method for serving size, 10 bites per meal for whole, unrefined carbs, down to 5 bites for processed sugar and flour carbs.


Studies conducted at Harvard University show that two servings daily can help you shed 28 pounds a year. Another study at Purdue showed that people who ate nuts felt full longer than those who ate rice cakes. Avoid the salted almonds as salt can cause blood pressure to rise and increase water retention. Almond based flour can also replace wheat if you are looking for an alternative.

Olive Oil & Coconut Oil

Monosaturated fats help you keep your cholesterol and cravings under control. Eliminate the use of hydrogenated vegetable oils as they are filled with unhealthy transfats. Coconut oil can help rev metabolism and satisfy cravings, use it in your coffee to help slow the release of cortisol and help keep blood sugar even.


Skimmed milk provides you the right amount of calcium that aggravates the weight burning process and helps in muscle building. It’s a good idea to skip the full-fat milk aisle. Whey Protein found in greek yogurt is the strongest suppressor of excess cortisol, which helps balance your fat-storing hormones.

Green Tea

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, drinking four cups of green tea a day helps people shed more than six pounds in eight weeks. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients that are proven to boost metabolism. A compound called EGCG temporarily speeds up metabolism after sipping green tea. Stay away from bottled teas as the processing depletes slimming nutrients.


Avocados burst with fiber and monosaturated fats .These good fats help you burn fat. Avocados are versatile and you can add them to a sandwich or mash them up in a salad.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is packed with niacin which helps the digestive system work optimally and prevents belly bloat. Keep yourself away from large portions of peanut butter as they are rich in fats and excessive use can result in weight gain.


Blueberries not only help you to lose weight but the fat. They are responsible for helping the body break down fats and sugars. Blueberries stuff a lot of fiber into a tiny package. Just one cup of berries has 6 grams of fiber. They play well in a salad with other ingredients too. Just make sure you eat them without adding sugar.


Eggs contain vitamin B12 which your body needs to metabolize fat. People who eat eggs for breakfast tend to lose more weight than people who eat a bagel.

Lean Meat or Fish

Salmon and tuna are full of omega 3 fatty acids which help prevent stress chemicals that promote fat gain. If you want the leanest meat out there, choose fish and enable your body to burn more calories by digesting proteins rather than carbohydrates or fats.

Green Vegetables

Have a salad before a meal filled with broccoli and spinach and you will be satisfied with small portions later. You can also make a low sugar green smoothie or broth based soup with greens, they help you gain vital nutrients and feel more satisfied with less food. Do not underestimate adding greens to your diet, that one change can make huge results.
Get your tea ready for tomorrow morning!