[NTC] Mindset, Diet Plan & Workouts week 1

Drink your tea Daily!
If you are using the 21 day Newport Skinny Tea, you should be drinking your daytime tea 30-60 minutes before your breakfast and lunch! Try to limit coffee to one in the morning before your tea, as it can affect your blood sugar levels and cravings.
If you are using additional teas, use them when you want to, make sure that you are not having too much caffeine during the day. If you feel shaky or wired, its too much. Remember, you can adjust the strength to suit your individual needs.
I find it easiest to set the alarm on my phone for my daytime tea.
Raise your standards: When you want to change your life, the first step is to change what you will and won't accept. This sounds easy, but most of us do not have enough pain or pleasure linked to these boundaries to actually follow through on changing them.
1. Write down the most painful negative things you can think of that YOU want to get rid of, WHY you want to go through this challenge, make a list of 3-5 things that really bother you, be as specific as possible. Make it even more real by identifying what you might miss out on by not changing this.
Example: My thighs rub together when I walk or exercise, its very painful and embarrassing.I would give anything to make this problem go away! I know that if I don't fix this problem, I won't want to go to Cancun with my boyfriend over Spring Break.
2. On your second list, write the opposite outcome to your problem, your dream goal/solution to this issue.
Example: It feels great to exercise and wear shorts because my legs feel thin and look toned, I love not worrying about my legs!! I feel sexy in my bikini!
Now you have a list of empowering goals that you want to focus on, if you can really identify your pain in the first list, and FEEL it, and really identify the pleasure you will receive when you achieve these goals, that will drive you to change your behavior. Work on these daily and you can see a huge shift in how easy it is to stick to your plan. I cannot stress enough how helpful this exercise CAN be in you achieving your goals of sticking through the 21 days and changing your behavior forever.
Next: Changing your limiting beliefs: When you look at your list of outcomes and ask yourself, can I really achieve this, do I think that I can have/do/be the person I need to be to achieve these goals?
If you answer yes, then you do not have limiting beliefs around these goals. If you answer no, then you can see you've already sabotaged yourself. You desire change you do not believe you can have and you will give up before you even try. If you constantly attempt change only to fail, this is your issue. We will be dealing with this more, but right now, try to see how other people have made the changes you want to make and find a way to believe you can make them, too.
The most common survey response I received was about wanting to stay away from SUGAR, so I decided to use the 21 day sugar detox book as a guide for this challenge. If you have the Mediterranean Zone book I previously recommended you can use that as well, you can also use the Body for Life book/recipes as all of these recommend a very similar strategy: staying away from ALL sugar and using the balanced macronutrient approach to each meal. You may also construct your own meals using the yes/no food list. This plan is very like Paleo plans in nature, as well.
I will be posting the recipes on the Newport Skinny Tea blog and our Pinterest Tea Challenge Page which also has a ton of great links for 21 day Sugar Detox recipes.
Remember that if you decide to do the diet portion, you will be doing even more detoxing than usual, you should go as slowly as YOU need to so you don't quit completely. If you have been eating a very processed/sugar-filled diet and do have some extra weight to lose, you will feel quite bad in the beginning, that is normal. You could have headaches, nausea, even get a cold. Don't push yourself to the extreme where you get sick, add some more carbs back in and slow it down.  Sugar is extremely addictive, and if you are a sugar burner, the 21 day sugar detox will switch you over to becoming a fat-burner, we will talk more about this, but it is not always comfortable.
Fitness Challenge Schedule
Monday: Increase daily movement, stand more, walk more, take one short walk around the neighborhood tonight after dinner.
Tuesday: Moderate duration aerobic workout plan 20-60 minutes of 55-75% Max heart rate, for most people this is attainable by moderate pace walking
Wednesday: Full Length PEM workout, I will post circuit on Wednesday
Thursday: Try a new activity if possible, or repeat Tuesday. Also see if you can do some of your work today standing up.
Friday: Abbreviated PEM workout, will post on Friday
Saturday: Extended duration aerobic workout: plan 1-2 hours of extended workout
Sunday: Play outside today
I will be posting separately this month regarding relaxation practices, if you are chronically stressed it will be difficult to lose weight due to the hormone imbalance this creates in your body. Any forms of relaxation you can add to your day will benefit you.
I'm so looking forward to seeing the results of this challenge! I will be doing this entire challenge as well!! Take pictures today so you can show off your changes!!
PS: I will be offering some free goodies for reviews with pictures this challenge!