[NTC] Day 9: I Know You Have A Secret

So Many of you know that I wrote about my daughter's gymnastic competition and how she's been doing a lot of growth with her goals in the sport.
Helping her see herself as the serious athlete that she longs to be hasn't been easy, like many of us she doubts if the highest levels of achievement are actually achievable to  her.
Do you find yourself doubting this as well? Regardless of what "it" is, do you find yourself thinking that the "ONE THING" you truly want to have, do or be isn't REALLY available to you?
I have found that when someone REALLY wants something deep in the core of their being, but won't let themselves believe they can achieve it, that when things like jealousy and envy start to appear. If you truly want to have a super sexy bikini body, but don't believe it will ever be yours, that seems to be when we start criticizing others who have achieved what we want.
Usually this represents something to us, the key we believe will unlock something magical or special, like undying love, lots of money or admiration from those who have belittled you in the past. It's not always the case, but often, even subconsciously, its what's driving our desire to change.
Action Item: For 24 hours, walk around and pretend YOU are the person who has ACHIEVED your deepest desire, just notice what you would do differently, how you'd act and choices you would make... This can be a truly transformational exercise!! Do you dare try it???
PS: I'm thinking about running an elite beta weight-loss test group from Nov 30-Dec 20 which would require daily participation, following an eating plan and feedback including photos, if you are SERIOUS about committing, click here to get on the list, please only join if you REALLY want to lose weight and are interested in mindset coaching.
Lunch Leftover Ginger Garlic Beef & Broccoli & Cauli Rice
Snacks 21DSD fruit + nut butter or full fat yogurt
Week Two Workouts
Tuesday: Moderate duration aerobic workout plan 20-60 minutes of 55-75% Max heart rate, for most people this is attainable by moderate pace walking