[NTC]Day 10 Action Taking

If you're serious then I hope you did the action exercise from yesterday, walking around like you ALREADY have achieved the results you wanted.
After all, winners aren't making losing decisions, its that simple, even if its rough to hear. And LOSING decisions aren't mistakes or even failures, they are accepting that so-called defeat is final or even real, and then throwing themselves a late night ice cream party to celebrate the defeat. 
If you were already who you dream of being... would you be making the decisions you are making now? And would you be taking actions you aren't yet taking?
Action Item: Remember the power of decisions, in a moment you can change your entire life, just because you are used to making the same decision everyday, does not mean you have to make it today.
You begin to change your life when you make a new decision, a real decision is measured by the fact that you've taken NEW action, if there's no action then you have not decided.
Breakfast Lemon Chicken with Capers & Chives, raw carrots or steamed vegetables
Lunch Left over pork with green salad and dressing of choice
Dinner lemon sole with almonds & thyme, roasted cauliflower soup
Snack 21DSD fruit + nut butter or full fat yogurt
Week Two Workouts
Wednesday: Full Length PEM workout
PS: I'm thinking about running an elite beta weight-loss test group from Nov 30-Dec 20 which would require daily participation, following an eating plan and feedback including photos, if you are SERIOUS about committing, email info@newportskinnytea.com, please only join if you REALLY want to lose weight and are interested in mindset coaching.