How Accumulating Food Does Not Serve You

I was struck today with the simplicity of the message I received from Geneen Roth, you may know her as a world-wide expert on disordered eating, especially dealing with emotional eating.
I don't want to complicate the message, because it is very clear, direct and impactful, I shared it today on social media and I wanted to take the time to end it out to you and see if it resonated with you.
As I have shared before, I have a past of disordered eating, ranging my anorexia to emotional eating. It is a vulnerable thing to admit to everyone, but by accepting myself as I am, I found that it continually makes me stronger, not more vulnerable.
Geneen's message was:
"When you believe in accumulating, you see what you don't have, not what you do have." I really thought about what this meant in terms of my eating habits and my life. The thought that we are lacking something makes our drive to accumulate GROW, because we are focused on lack, we instinctually want to fill the void we see in ourselves.
If you are feeling this way, that you will never be enough to reach your goals, that you will always endlessly want more without ever feeling satisfied, especially with you body, I am stepping forward to say to ask you to shift that mindset.
I am always working on myself as well, I am getting much more confident with this growth, it is difficult work, but the foundation of real change and happiness with your weight is to accept that you are completely in control of yourself and that you are totally capable of making wise decisions and overcoming obstacles.
My message for you today:
You do not need to accumulate excess food, you have all you need and you will be provided for, you are safe in your body and you are safe to release excess weight.
Accept that you have what it takes to reach your goals, and begin a new journey today! I'd love to hear your story! You can email me at