Magical Changes Begin in Your Thoughts

Our thoughts are the most valuable thing we possess.
You may not think of them like that, but they create your world. Whatever you believe to be true about yourself, it started with a thought.
If you want to change your habits to reach your goals (I use those words a lot...) you will need to start with changing your thoughts. And I hope you are still reviewing your goals each day!!
The first step is to start every meal and snack with tea. If you are on the Newport Skinny Tea 21 day detox plan, that will only provide you with 3 cups. You will need to have others for the other times when you need tea. You can choose other kinds from our website, or other teas you like, as long as you keep track of your caffeine intake, then you will can really have any you like.
If your life is full of negatives right now, such as:
I can't drink tea all day
I can't stop eating sugar, fast food or chips
I can't stop drinking coffee, alcohol or soda
I can't be healthy, my family isn't healthy
I can't work out
You have some work to do on your thoughts. We all have work to do, that's why we're here, together. It's no accident that you and I found each other in the big world, so don't be afraid of change, just trust the process and do the work.
Your beliefs and your goals may be in opposition to each other... if you have goals but find yourself making excuses, examine what you believe to be true about yourself.
I used to start a million things and never finish them, I'm creative and I love to create things, but one day I decided to become someone who finishes what they start. And I repeated it to myself everyday "I'm a finisher."
I find that repeating your desired habit change when you drink your tea each day is very effective. When you find yourself going into a negative mood or thought, drink some tea and repeat your desire. You can also link this desired change to your goal, such as
"I am a size 4, I workout, drink tea and eat clean daily"
It stopped mattering to me what friends, parents, family had told me, I just decided I wanted to be different and it was HARD at first, but within 3 weeks I changed.... and now I am totally different. I don't finish everything I start, but I am in control of it, and I know that its my decision.
Tea is a very positive influence on our physical bodies and on our minds as well, it may sound very strange to you, this idea that a drink can influence the way you feel. But I know that its true, if you begin, you will start to feel the positive affects on your life as well.
Obviously alcohol makes our bodies feel a certain way, if you try to sense it, coffee and soda do as well. Tea has a subtle, uplifting positivity that grows as you consume it more. Of course you can drink too much tea, you can drink too much water, you can drink too much of anything. More isn't necessarily better, but 5-6 cups a day is a great place to aim for.
You will find things magically falling into place when you work on your thoughts first. So many people want to PLAN their lives, and then they can't stick to their plans because they mind doesn't have a goal it can understand.
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