Can you detox through your feet?

Feet have over 3000 sweat glands, you can open them up and release toxins through the sole of your feet by using hot water and sea salt.
Long days of Winter are coming soon, this foot soak is perfect when you get home and just want to lounge on your couch but you still want to do something beneficial for your detoxing. After you will feel revitalized! Drink tea or water to help flush out toxins.
Here's how to do it:
Fill a tub with warm water, use any container that allows you to sit in a chair and comfortably place both feet inside, immersed in the water up to at least your ankles will work.
Add a few tablespoons of sea salt, Epsom salts or both to the water and mix. Sea salt contains healthy minerals and helps draw toxins away from the skin and its soothing to sore feet and muscles.
Epsom salts, also known as magnesium sulfate, are known for easing pain, reducing swelling and promoting relaxation and well being.
Add six to ten drops of essential oils and swirl again, here's some suggestions on which oils to use:
Eucalyptus: cooling, refreshing, purifying
Lavender: calming, relaxing, healing
Lemon: cooling, refreshing, purifying
Peppermint: cooling, refreshing, energizing
Sweet Orange: Uplifting, purifying, calming
Tea Tree: healing, stimulating, purifying (also great for fungal infections)
Soak your feet for 10 minutes or more adding more warm water as needed, end your foot soak with an invigorating peppermint lotion. For an extra level of detox you can put a mud mask on your feet and wash off when its dried. We have a great one here Newport Skinny Tea detox face mask