What's Your Soul Really Hungry For?

Man I've had it with all talk and no action.
Even with myself.
I'm tired of wishing on stars and dreaming of outcomes that never materialize.
What does it take to turn dreams into DONE?
What does it take to become the MOST AMAZING version of yourself?
Does it take miracles every morning at 5am?
Does it take learning to love jogging? (I seriously hope not)
Does it mean I have to become an entirely different person?
Well.... maybe. And what freaksĀ us out about that so much?
It's because we're really attached to OUR story. The story of the person that settles into comfort and never gets up.
Its a scary thing, looking deep into your soul and admitting you are settling for exactly what you don't want.
Settling for second, third or.... 100th best. Settling instead of really asking, doing or being what you want.
Because really asking for what you want and going after it...is terrifying in so many ways.
Yes, there may be failure, ridicule and even total abandonment by some.
You may have gone through those things before, in fact, if you're breathing, I'm positive you have-- and the last thing you want to do is to feel them again....
But is it worse than a life full of boring, uninspired, repetitive chores you just get through... never really having the exhilarating experience you know that you crave?
Never feeling happy with yourself, your life or your body?
I don't think so.
I've been on a mission to discover why this happens to amazing people, like me and like you, I've discovered some amazing things I'm going to share with you pretty soon.
Get ready and I mean it!
Today is the first Manifest Monday-- and I'm going to give you 50% off any order until 12pm PST with code "Manifest" at check out.
Enjoy! AND THANK YOU for reading this!! Please share it with someone you know wants to live more and doesn't know how!