How to Drastically Quickly Change Your Energy Levels

We think in terms of getting energy, but the truth is we ARE energy.
I know back when I had NO energy, when I was falling asleep everyday at 3pm and barely could drag myself out of bed in the morning after sleeping 10 or 11 hours, when I felt tired all the time, I would have done ANYTHING, bought ANYTHING and tried ANYTHING to fix it. In my search for answers to find what was wrong with my body, I feel that I did try almost EVERYTHING, but what worked was incredibly simple, that's how Newport Skinny Tea was born!
Our body runs off electrical impulses and we either enhance its ability to do that efficiently or take it away by our habits, what we eat and drink and what we think. Making a shift to include more polyphenols in your diet can help you recover your ability to make energy.
This is all going to sound a little weird, because I'm sure you have heard that calories give us energy your whole life, but the truth is that we use calories mostly for repair and maintenance, they aren't exactly like gasoline in a car. We don't become depleted of energy, we become less able to make it. Caffeine and other drugs can mask that depletion, sort of like a Band-Aid, but they do continue to deplete our adrenal reserves.
Our bodies are incredibly complex systems within systems, I cannot possibly include a complete overview of all of it, but in this article I hope to show how one fundamental shift can help your body recover your ability to make energy.
Good Health is what makes us able to create energy, health is enhanced by a balance in our body, enough sleep, enough water, enough nutrients to keep our body properly maintained, breathing and proper mental states, sunshine. There are many, many things that help our metabolism run properly, that is the mechanism by which our calories are either used or stored as fat. Insulin and other hormones are the major players in how our body decides to store or use our calories. You can be overfed and yet still starving in terms of nutrients, in fact our modern diet usually does just that.
Gluten, dairy and toxin over load can make the electrical current slow in the body for several reasons. Leaky gut, allergies, and liver congestion are all real reasons you may feel lethargic, they can be caused from eating the wrong foods or drinking the wrong things.
Inflammation is also a major enemy of health, because then our body must use its nutrients to fight the inflammation, which makes it less able to repair and maintain our body. Chronic Inflammation can cause obesity and can be caused by obesity, the body that is fighting inflammation has less time or resources to make hormones. Sugar, fake sugar and fake fats are a major causes of inflammation, along with modern food that has been manipulated, as listed above.
Soda and other sugary drinks are a huge dietary source of high fructose corn syrup and other sweeteners that breed inflammation and other metabolic disorders like insulin resistance, syndrome X and diabetes in our bodies. These diseases cause hormonal imbalances that don't let the body function optimally, so many people suffering from thyroid dysfunction now and that is a major player in energy regulation as well.
Tea leaves are a great anti-inflammatory weapon because they contain high levels of polyphenols, when you boil the water and steep them in it, their power becomes exponentially greater. When you boil water, the structure of the water changes for the better, so your body can absorb it and all it contains properly. But the boiling can't be done in a microwave.
So when you start drinking tea instead of sugar or HFCS containing drinks you instantly get a huge boost to your overall health, and a drastic reduction in inflammation, tea actually helps your body deal with existing problems and recovery from inflammation as well. Tea helps clear the mental fog that sugar creates, this can help you think more clearly so you can make better decisions, feel less cravings and sleep better. Its a really great place to start making a change in your body.
Next, the more natural and less processed your diet is overall, the easier time your body will have in breaking down the food and using it properly. The more processed and dense your diet, the slower your energy will be. You can also have individual food intolerances and allergies that will cause inflammation and problems with digestion.
Fruits and vegetables contain polyphenols and vital nutrients that your body needs, they will also reduce inflammation, help your body detoxify itself, help you feel lighter, think clearer and sleep better. Generally the darker the fruit or vegetable, the more beneficial it is for you. Dark green, blue, purple and orange foods are the most beneficial.
Good fats actually play a crucial role in your body, every cell membrane is made of lipids (fats) and though it is a dense food, your body uses it and it does not raise your insulin, unlike carbohydrates and sometimes protein, which means it generally is not stored as fat, but can be used by the body immediately. Nuts, avocados, coconut meat & oil, olives, and organic animal fats are beneficial for us.
I've written The Cutting Edge Fat Burning Formula book and several blog posts about how to eat to balance your body, exactly what foods you need, but if you are starting from scratch, start with adding tea and vegetables and fruits to your existing diet. You know what foods you need to eliminate and eat less of, it is an individual balance point that you will hit if you keep saying YES to yourself and your health and NO to everything that isn't supporting your health!
Jennifer XOXO
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