Live AMAZING health now, Your Decisions Matter

Here's what I realized today, we are never really standing still in relation to our goal to feel and look AMAZING.
I've got to share the story that got me thinking about all this first...
I've observed my daughter the past 4 months, I've written about her gymnastics goals before. She has been greatly struggling with one piece of equipment: The Vault. Its become her white whale....
I have tried everything to help her: motivation, inspiration, bribery and even reasoning that she won't be able to stay on the team if she can't confront this fear. She isn't budging, she won't get over it. She is clinging to fear.
I am feeling frustrated... I am feeling her defeat. I'm feeling her fear and her disappointment. I have felt it in my own life, and if there is one thing you don't want for your own child, its that cold, hard feeling of giving into failure and accepting that she can't achieve her goals when you KNOW she can.
I know I have been guilty of this myself, I know I have taken actions that would not get me into the state of health I have desired. Repeatedly I have failed myself, and its not from lack of knowledge, its from lack of believing in myself and believing I can do it consistently. Its lack of believing I deserve it and I can claim it. Something in me has been afraid to really leave what feels safe...
The truth is, every moment of life we are either creating greater health or moving away from it.
We CREATE our health. Do you really feel that?
I want you to BELIEVE it. I believe it.
Being healthy is a state, a powerful state. We know when we hit it,
anyone who has ever achieved a state of desired peak health and stayed in it for a period of time can remember exactly what it felt like.
We know when we are healthy and honoring ourselves, we can do much more in the rest of our lives. We give more, we have more, more importantly we ARE MORE.
Why do we waste time accepting less than amazing? Why do we get stuck in mediocre habits?
We know it feels really crappy to hang out in that low level state of health, we know we are capable of more, we know we CAN feel amazing everyday. Sometimes we convince ourselves we have no control over it, but that's not the truth.
I want you to really ask yourself, WHY don't you feel the way you want right now?

I've had my own list of excuses, but they haven't served me.

They have served themselves.

I ask you today to write down your excuses and to rip them up, burn them or figure out your own symbolism to get rid of them. They will always be there if you need them, they aren't going anywhere... they just aren't taking over your life anymore!

I want you to have the amazing life you deserve, it starts with a decision.
It starts now.
This is what Newport Skinny Tea is all about... you taking action and feeling amazing EVERY SINGLE DAY!
I want you to know the simple decision to drink Newport Skinny Tea every day can change you as much as walking, clean eating or positive thinking will every day. The shift in mindset that you are going to create health by what you drink versus deplete health by what you drink tells your subconscious that you are serious, that you are taking action and that you are going to achieve what you want NOW. Momentum starts with one action.
I feel very passionate that our Teas can help you do, I know they can help you change your state, your mindset and your health instantly. I know that they are better than any other product out there. I couldn't have poured myself into my business as I have the last 3 years if I didn't believe it and see it happen with thousands of women.
I am still a work in progress, we all are, I want the best for you, just as I want the best for me.
Believe you can have it. Start living it today. Don't wait.
Jennifer XOXO