Take Back Your Power & Choose to Feel Happier

During the holidays I see and hear a lot of women trying really hard to make happiness HAPPEN. It's so overwhelming and often full of holiday disappointments.
We expect to bake everyone the perfect cookies, make great meals, find perfect gifts, send perfect cards, not leave anyone out, look great at every party, make shopping magic with too little money and even stick to our daily workouts... we're so busy that we get completely disconnected from everyone.
The very first thing that goes wrong... we burn the cookies, get a headache, forget to get stamps or totally blow our diet, we feel disappointed and its enough to send us into a depression or hide under the covers to hide from stress.
We are often looking for things and people to MAKE us happy, and when that doesn't happen we turn to food or drinks or something else.
As Guy Finely says in the book The Secret of Letting Go "Our ideas about happiness are often the very root of our unhappiness. Happiness can't be made. It isn't the results of anything."
I want to remind you that only you have the power to make yourself happy. You have the right to say no, to set boundaries and to take your power back.
By connecting to the present moment and choosing to feel grateful and happy for what is, instead of what you wish it could be, you can skip setting yourself up for disappointment.
This doesn't mean give up, it just means reframe things and chose happiness, no matter how well your plans go.
To your health & happiness