• [MBBC] Are you just too sensitive to some foods?

    A food sensitivity, or intolerance, may produce similar symptoms as a food allergy, but will not trigger an immunologic response the way an allergy does. The lack of immune response means a doctor may not be able to diagnose a food sensitivity. You may experience bloating, gas, headaches or other symptoms such as skin problems from food sensitivities.
    Keeping a food journal for a week is an excellent, easy way to see a direct cause between what you eat and what you're feeling. We don't usually associate our mood or energy levels with what we just ate, but you will be surprised if you take the time to do this simple exercise how strong a relationship you may find. Often you can immediately see what is causing bloating or headaches, I know that I personally solved such an issue just by keeping a food journal.
    If you want to take it an extra step you can use an app on your phone that tracks your diet and breaks it down into macro nutrients and calories, so you can really see how much sugar, fat and sodium you are consuming.
    You will find that you will identify foods that make you bloat right away and you can eliminate them, also the better you become at identifying foods that trigger a response from you, the easier it will be to maintain an ideal weight, since sensitivities usually lead to weight gain as well. Keep in mind, food can take up to 8 hours to produce a reaction, its uncommon to take that long though.
    This may sound like too much work, and it is a commitment, if you are having symptoms that seem unsolvable and are ready to live bloat free you will feel remarkably better very quickly after you remove the offending foods. It is worth the effort, so just take the extra 10 minutes per day and do it.

    Keep a food journal

    1 Draw a vertical line down the center of a notebook page, dividing it into a right and left section.

    2 Record everything you eat at each meal or snack throughout the day in the left column of your notebook page. Be sure to note the time of day you consumed the food and the portion size of the food.

    3 Record all digestive symptoms in the right column on the same notebook page and also note the time of day at the onset of symptoms. An example entry may say "2:00 pm -- 1/4 cup of peanuts" in the left column and "3:30 pm -- gas and bloating" in the right column.

    4 Review your food intake and digestive symptoms daily to identify patterns. If a pattern emerges, such as a bloated feeling a couple hours after eating only a certain food, this is likely the food you are sensitive to. If bloating happens after certain meals or food combinations, list all the foods the meals contain and identify the common ingredients. The ingredients in common are all the foods you could be sensitive to.

    5 Eliminate one potential food determined in step four completely from your diet for at least 10 days, while continuing to track food intake and digestive symptoms. If all symptoms of bloating are resolved, you have determined the food you are sensitive to. If not, carry on to step six.

    6 Repeat step five as many times as necessary until all foods determined in step four have been individually eliminated. If no results are produced from steps one through six, carry on to section two to eliminate major allergens from your diet.

    Elimination Diet for Major Allergens (more effort)

    1 Choose one of the eight major allergens to eliminate from your diet first. The major food allergens are milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans.

    2 Completely avoid all foods that contain the allergen you selected for at least 10 days while tracking your food intake and digestive symptoms. If bloating resolves, this is the allergen you are sensitive to. If bloating does not resolve, move on to step three.

    3 Choose a second allergen to eliminate from your diet for at least 10 days while tracking food intake and digestive symptoms. The first allergen eliminated can be re-included in your diet at this point. If bloating resolves, this is the allergen you are sensitive to. If bloating does not resolve, repeat this step until all of the major allergens have been tried.

    4 See your health care provider if you are unable to determine the food you are sensitive to.

    We would love to hear how you conquered your bloating!
    Email us at with your story!

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  • [MBBC] What would you do if your true beauty & charisma were shining in this world?

    Are you ready to shine?

    All the lists of cleansing foods or detox tips I can write won't help if you don't believe you can actually change something about yourself through your efforts of following them. In fact, no teatox or detox or diet program can do much unless you actually believe that you can transform something about yourself by following it.

    The startling truth is you CAN transform yourself, even beyond what you probably believe is possible now. Through cleaning up your thoughts and habits you can shift your physical being and your mental state into the highest possible version of yourself, probably with much less effort than you're currently making.

    Seriously, you can see plenty of evidence just on Instagram of people who have willed themselves into becoming their "better" version of themselves through belief, diet and exercise. So whatever that BEST version is of you, you're going to have to figure that out first in order to ever feel like you accomplished getting there and to make the journey worth it.

    In the beginning of this cleanse series, I have offered some easy steps to start to feel better right away, because often feeling better leads to wanting to feel even better, and makes it easier to think better feeling thoughts and make better feeling choices. There is no one right cleanse path for everyone, because we're all made of thought patterns and physical habits, we have to try to find a way to release these comforts we've come to rely on in order to adopt another way of living. We've got to CLEANSE ourselves of what we are ready to discard, then we've got to GROW into the next, greater version of ourselves.

    So, science facts tell us that 98% of our body is replaced every 2 years at a molecular level, and in 7 years all parts of you will have been replaced, essentially you will be an entirely new human being. 7 years isn't a timeline most people are motivated by, but things like your skin renew themselves so frequently you can see changes almost overnight. For example, many people share that when they start drinking our Newport Skinny Tea they can feel a difference in their bloating and see it in their face in hours or the next day.

    We do become the thoughts and images we hold of ourselves, when these change they begins to express themselves through our new habits and translate into visible, tangible results we can see, such as reduced cellulite or less oily skin. We already know how to eat better, that we need to move and not lay on the couch every night, we already know that more raw food and vegetables will help us become healthier. Its just that we don't see ourselves as healthier, yet. So I want to challenge you and the image you hold of yourself with a very big question:

    What would your life be like if your true beauty and charisma were shining bright in this world right now?

    You may be truly scared at what you could accomplish with your true beauty and charisma unleashed in this world, you may not even want to think about it- its that scary to imagine.  You may have been shamed or put down by people who didn't want you to shine or understand your journey in the world. You may fear letting go of things and people you have come to learn to live with, even though you know they are holding you back. I'm here to say, your true beauty and charisma are more powerful than even you can understand or imagine at this point, because they have never been fully allowed to shine, but if you want that experience now, you can have it. Only you can decide to reach for it though.

    I can offer you hope and belief, I can offer words to inspire bravery and courage, and examples of others who have taken the steps, but only you can choose to completely honor yourself first, above anyone else. Only you can say:

    This is me and I am beautiful.

    I am worth the absolute best I can give myself.

    No more hiding my beauty, no more will I fear my charisma.

    You don't have to love me for me to love me.

    It is time for me to find the best version of me and

    I will not be fulfilled with anything less!

    These are powerful words, words that can lead you to transform your life, which is the reason we sell tea, which is the reason we show up everyday, its what I feel to be our mission in the world- to help you find and live in your unique true beauty. You don't have to live in fear that you will never measure up, because there is no one to measure your beauty against, you only have to experience the amazing freedom and fulfillment that is waiting for you on the other side of making this brave decision to step into your beauty.



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  • [MBBC] Beauty Secret Weapon #1

    Flavorful, alkalizing and beautifying: Apple Cider Vinegar
    Raw apple cider vinegar is the only acceptable vinegar to include on a beautifying detox, because its not acid-forming. It also helps promote good digestion and encourages growth of good bacteria in our digestive tract, which is so important for you to stay looking and feeling great!
    Apple cider vinegar is high in minerals and potassium, so it supports cellular detox cleansing and it has antiseptic qualities that help cleanse our entire digestive system from unwanted bacteria.
    Be sure to buy a brand labeled "raw and unfiltered," you want it looking a bit cloudy. It must be refrigerated because pasteurized versions don't have these qualities any longer.
    I've begun to get addicted to apple cider vinegar in my salad dressings, here's a recipe you can try:
    Oil-Free Balsamic-Free Italian Vinaigrette
    • 2 1/2 Tbs raw apple cider vinegar
    • 1 tsp. organic Dijon mustard
    • 1/2 tsp. sea salt
    • 1 1/2 tsp. Italian Seasoning
    • 1/2 cup filtered water
    Blend all together, best if in a high speed blender. Enjoy!

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  • [MBBC] Sugar Detox: get off the roller coaster

    Sugar detox
    get off the roller coaster
    Sugar addiction is very common physical addiction and withdrawal is comparatively mild to emotional and psychological withdrawal that usually accompanies it. Symptoms of this process are fatigue, anxiety and irritability, depression, detachment rapid heart beat and palpitations.
    Getting off refined sugars and processed carbs that make blood sugar spike can be one of the keys to permanently staying at your healthy weight easily. This is also a key to avoiding disease, getting the kind of stable energy you want throughout the day and sleeping better. It will also be reflected in your skin, because your hormones will be more stable and your break outs will begin to diminish.
    Good Foods to replace sugary foods with:
    Almond butter & celery
    Protein smoothies
    mixed nuts & seeds
    dried fruit (if tolerated)
    Once you get off the sugar roller coaster, you will easily spot how one sugary treat sends you right back into the cravings cycle! You will start craving carbs soon after that initial sugar rush starts to let down, and that's the time to reach for protein or a salad to break the cycle.
    Tips for breaking the sugar craving cycle:
    • Drink 8 glasses of water + tea per day
    • Make sure you are getting enough fiber by eating whole foods
    • Check with your doctor about a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement and testing to see if you are deficient, some nutrient deficiencies can provoke cravings
    • Look out for hidden sugar + artificial sweeteners that mimic sugar in your body, especially in sauces and condiments
    • Try stevia or xylitol to see if they work for you in replacing sugar
    • Make sure you are getting enough complex carbs + protein to fuel your body, starving it of nutrients and fuel creates a blood sugar crash
    • Most bottled juices and juice drinks are mainly sugar, avoid these as well.
    • Add fruit as a dessert
    Here's more instructions on breaking a serious sugar addiction, remember take your time with it, it didn't happen overnight and it won't go away overnight. From an article "4 Steps to Successfully Cut Down on Sugar" in the Huffington Post:
    "The average American adult consumes the equivalent of about 32 teaspoons of sugar per day. Sugar is really the number one food additive: it is added to drinks, often in the form of high-fructose corn syrup, to bread, sauces, dressings, and to all kinds of processed foods including many low-fat products. "

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  • [MBBC] It's your garden you can grow if you want to

    Planting seeds of change
    We've given you some basic goals for this beauty cleanse, how are you doing?
    Remember, its not easy to change habits, even learning about change is a good start.
    Remember small daily actions really do add up to feeling better and it happens pretty quickly!
    Start to notice if you have a little more energy, feel just a bit more like going for a walk or don't need quite as much sleep. It happens in small increments, like just craving something better as a snack than your normal junk. We're not really taught to be so receptive to those changes, but they're important.
    Our intention in this cleanse is to guide you easily from Spring to Summer while you form better daily choices. So far we've explored: more vegetables and including foods that cleanse you naturally, more liquids and including the color Orange daily! These things can become habits that will benefit you forever.
    I will admit, I still have to try to do all of those things above, they don't come naturally to me even though I know how many benefits I'm going to get from them. The Orange color has really been easier than usual lately, so I take every opportunity to tell myself what a great job I'm doing when I succeed. I really want to encourage you to be VERY KIND to yourself during this process, it will make it so much easier.
    You don't have to give up every food you love, every bad habit and start hating your life... that's the exact opposite of what we hope will happen!
    Today we offer a powerful metaphor, if you want to bloom into someone more, someone who feels better, looks better and enjoys life more- I want you think about planting seeds.
    These can be actual seeds in a garden that will produce nourishing vegetables, it can also be seeds of hope and promise you make to yourself that you will begin to live the life you want to live.
    Seeds need care, you need care. Seeds are more vulnerable to the elements while they are changing from a seed to a plant with roots, just as the changes you're trying to make can vanish almost instantly if you don't protect them.
    Take a moment to think about how you can ensure that these courageous steps of change you are taking into the life you want to lead are protected now. The difference in success or failure for most people is that people who succeed have written goals with definite dates and have shared these with other people.
    This may mean you need to write your plans on your calendar and invite others to join you in them, so you are accountable, only you know what you need to do to succeed, make it happen.

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  • [MBBC] Orange you glad we have more detox tips for you?

    Orange + detox
    Using color in the Malibu Beach Beauty Cleanse
    The orange plate mystery
    Research has uncovered a strange fact, if you eat off an orange plate or drink out of an orange mug you enjoy your food up to 30% more! Amazing that color can have such a profound affect on our sense of happiness!
    A 30% increase in enjoyment is HUGE, but I have a feeling its not just plates that will do the trick, so this week, try some orange flowers, candles, placemats or even just more orange food to see if you feel more satisfied with your healthy meal!
    Of course, orange foods are tremendously healthy! They generally are fall and winter foods, but luckily we can find these foods year round now. They work so well with a detox because they are full of water and vitamins!
    Orange foods benefit the eyes and protect the cells, here's a list of 10 healthy foods to eat from the Huffington Post.
    Don't forget to add some oranges to your detox water, try them along with mint, cucubers and lemons for a refreshing blend high in Vitamin C.
    Don't forget to add orange color & aroma to your detox bath, maybe have a cup of tea and relax for awhile! I use this Kneipp soak almost every night, and I love it! You can find it on Amazon (not an affiliate link).
    Orange you glad its a sale?
    You can get 20% off any order through Wednesday 4/22 with code "Oranges" at checkout! Remember that our Malibu Beach Beauty Tea has dried orange peels in it!

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