• Do You Need An Emotional Detox? What Can Actually Help?

    Toxins in your physical body and your emotional "body" are often linked. I hear often how when someone goes through the detox process, they start feeling a bunch of sad, angry or painful feelings as well. I have also experienced this myself, it is, I feel, imperative to the self-growth path.

    Improved physical states are linked with better emotional health, it seems the opposite may be true as well.

    Research at the University of Pittsburgh shows that when researchers studied 680 women with chest pain found those who held on to feelings of anger were four times more likely to have unhealthy cholesterol levels and higher body mass index than those who did not, both of these factors are linked to heart disease.

    Cleansing your body may bring old emotional scars to the surface, which may be why you overate, self-medicated or indulged in junk food to begin with, to numb the pain.

    Want to find out how to break the cycle and release these toxic emotions?

    The biggest factor in breaking the toxic emotional cycle is awareness. Becoming aware of your emotions and being able to feel them without over reacting (sometimes much easier said than done!) is the key to moving through intense emotional times.

    John Gray, expert in relationships, talks about feeling our emotional "soup pot" and being able to identify which feeling is bothering you and letting them be felt. Most of us are very afraid to feel our own emotions because we don't trust ourselves and our own reactions, we are afraid we will act on them, maybe irrationally. This comes from authority figures over controlling our feelings during most of our life and learning we shouldn't be trusted with our own emotions.

    This is why most people choose to repress feelings, we disconnect and stuff them away.  Dr.Gray actually says the truth is exactly the opposite, that feeling the feels causes us NOT to act or over react (as in these Doritos have met their match act) to our emotional states. Feeling our feelings causes them to just go away.

    The most recommended tool I have found and also the most effective for releasing stuck emotions is meditation, for as little as 5 minutes per day or whenever needed it, can powerfully change any state. Just by closing your eyes and bringing awareness to the fact that you aren't your current feelings, allows you to feel them and let them pass. I find this particularly effective while showering or bathing. There are many different ways to meditate, google a couple and see what works for you. You may hate one method but love another. There is no right way.

    Aromatherapy is also a powerful way to release and soothe stored emotions; releasing is made easier with eucalyptus oil, breathing through intense emotion is aided by the King of oils- Frankincense, Forgiveness is aided by Helichrysum, deepen your acceptance of circumstances with Roman Chamomile and increase self-love with Bergamot. Always remember to dilute topical oils with a carrier oil to avoid injury.

    Herbal teas are similar in that they release the volatile oil in the leaves and soothe you internally, my recommendations go to chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm, green tea and passion flower.

    Yoga and deep stretching can also help release toxic emotions and aid physical detox, as can infrared sauna and hydrotherapy, where hot and cold waters are intermittently applied to the body to draw out heat and toxins.

    Sometimes periods of silence can help, other times sound bathing with music can also help. If you are going to start a detox program, be aware that deep emotions may surface and need to be dealt with. If you have experienced trauma you may need a professional to help guide you through, that's one of the bravest things you can do.

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  • Why Detox? Hormone Imposters

    What do food receipts, plastic wrap and food storage containers have in common?

    They are sources of environmental estrogens, called xenoestrogens. These are found naturally in plants and also in many man made substances, they act like the female sex hormone estrogen when they are introduced to the body.

    These compounds mimic natural estrogen and when levels are high enough have been linked to cancers fueled by estrogen, most specifically breast cancer. They are also linked to low sperm count and children's cancers.

    This is definitely a reason to keep up the detox on a regular basis, because it is the build up over time that mainly causes issues. When our detoxification system gets over burdened is when toxins began getting stored away in fat cells.

    When our toxic load becomes too large, our body reaches a tipping point where disease begins to develop. This hormone cascade also plays a part in us becoming overweight.

    You can help your body detox naturally by frequent use of teas and herbs, sufficient water and water-rich foods, weekly detox baths and daily sweat sessions and dry brushing.

    Anything that gets your lymphatic system moving (it doesn't have its own pump) helps as well, it relies on movement to do its job.

    Minimize your use of plastics, synthetic chemicals in body products, don't take receipts or use canned products. Don't ever microwave plastic or leave water bottles in hot cars.

    Products like psyllium husk that are meant to trap intestinal toxins and carry them out of the body can help balance these hormone like toxins as well.

    Green Tea, cucumin and milk thistle are powerful detox agents against xenoestrogens, High intake of cruciferous vegetables and whole flax seed have been linked to lower incidence of cancers from these substances.  Pomegranate juice mixed with green tea seems to be a particularly powerful combination in this fight.




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  • Surprising Ways You're Gaining Weight

    You want to lose weight and you are doing everything right, so what gives? Why does the scale keep going up? You may be surprised at some of these sneaky factors that are causing you to gain weight.

    The first sneaky way that you gain weight is excessive salt in your diet, many people try to cut back on fat and they add more salt to make up for the lack of flavor. Mainly, this excess salt comes from processed foods, restaurant foods, and adding just too much salt to your cooked food. Once you start eating a lot of salt, you get really used to it very quickly and you start feeling like your food should always taste salty. Your body responds by trapping some of this excess salt in water and this is what is known as water weight. You then crave sugar to try to balance out the excess salt.

    The second way that you can gain weight, which is kind of surprising, is being in an air conditioned environment all the time. If you need to air condition your home or office because it's excessively hot that's okay but science has shown that if you're constantly in air conditioning you gain weight from it. It does kind of contradict the theory that cold environments make you shiver to burn more calories but what they are finding is that excessively cold environments all the time stimulate your appetite.

    Certain drugs, including antibiotics, can also stimulate weight gain. Of course, you need to talk to your doctor if you want to stop these drugs, but just be aware that most drugs have side effects that include weight gain.

    Another surprising way to gain weight is all of the BPA from the plastic and cans that you're using, pesticides on your food and food additives that are considered generally safe. These are toxins that build up in your body over time. So, even though you maybe didn't gain weight from them a while ago, now that you're older, or if you've changed your diet so you're eating more canned foods, more processed foods or heating your foods in microwaves in plastic, you're going to find that these build up in your system and your body has to try to protect you from them. These are endocrine disruptors and will cause your hormones to go out of whack, which can switch your metabolism.

    And another surprising way that you might gain weight is that you regularly shop in bulk. Studies have shown that people who buy and have more food on hand in their homes eat more just because it's available. Similar to using larger plate. We just think because the food is there we should eat it. It's kind of something we've been brainwashed to do.

    Alright now, I want to talk about some of the natural appetite suppressants that you can use to combat these surprising weight gain factors. The first one is HIIT training, H.I.I.T training, it short bursts of movement in a short period of time like plyometrics, jumping jacks, sprinting, push-ups and circuits. These stimulate fat burning and also suppress your appetite.

     The second one is grapefruit essential oil. The scent of grapefruit, alone, stimulates your sympathetic nerve that supply your brown fatty tissue and your adrenal glands. Just the smell alone can stimulate fat burning.

    Green tea, spicy foods, sour foods, bitter foods, saffron all suppress appetite. Of course, they need to be used with discretion. Don't go taking a bunch of green tea extract which can hurt your liver and, of course, a healthy liver is needed to process fat. So it's going to hurt you. If you eat tons of sour and bitter foods with a lot of calories, it might not even out. But such things as leafy green vegetables, those have compounds in them that scientists shown will suppress your appetite.

    Studies have shown also that simply adding more fiber to each meal will help you naturally slim down. Fiber will trap excess fat in your intestines and escort it out of the body. I hope you've enjoyed this article and I look forward to bringing you more helpful information for you to live your healthiest life. Thanks.

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  • What's in my heart right now

    I took a bit of time off, I needed to step back and think. And I went to Costa Rica...
    Sometimes we need to unlearn things... even things we are sure and crystal clear about. Even things that may have been true for us in the past. I'm not great at unlearning, that's for sure.
    I've been really thinking lately about what I want to create in the world and why its important to me. Sometimes I think too much!
    I know that there are changes coming for us, I have felt it for awhile.
    I care so deeply about improving the lives of women in regards to their wellness, health and optimal body weight & fitness. Part of that is becoming a true solution to solving our nation's obesity epidemic. Yeah, just that little thing...
    I want your waistline to feel better, but I also want your life to feel better.
    I want you to think more clearly, feel more confident, sleep better and just really break free from food addictions, exercise enslavement and feel SUPER VITAL EVERY DAY.
    I've talked about this before... radical transformation in our health, bodies and minds does not happen because you eat 200 less calories or run around the block. (permission to stop running granted)
    Healthy eating and exercise do matter, but if you are doing them in resistance to yourself, they actually may be making the changes harder or take longer. You probably aren't doing them as great as you think....
    See, we all have identity stories, stories about weight loss, gain and what it all means, how it all works. Yes, calorie deprivation can work sometimes, but the consequences are usually worse than the small victory that's temporarily made.
    The stories we believe just aren't accurate. I want to help them evolve.
    But changing things is difficult, not only to our ego, but also.. because... well, everything.
    The diet and gym industries are $42 Billion a year industries. They aren't interested in you changing the story, by the way.
    I don't think most companies are trying to outright deceive people, they are just recycling information we all assume is the correct story... the story we all keep believing. It keeps them selling their products and keeps you locked in the binge-starve cycle.
    A lot of new information has been coming to light, information that shows 98% of people who start a new diet and exercise program fail, and gain more weight than they started it with.
    Information from around the world that shows TEA is one of the 9 key components of living a healthy, long life. Weird that its not Frappuccinos....
    My vision is to be a company that helps women achieve their highest wellness, peak health and optimal body weight & fitness. To help women change their families and end the obesity epidemic. I have 100% faith that we can do this.
    My vision is also to help women around the world have more access to drinking water and to help all women help themselves.
    I really want to thank you for reading this and I really want to know-- what is your biggest obstacle right now, what do you need help with the most? What stops you from living your best life, what, if it was solved, would change everything for you?
    Just hit reply and let me know!
    I look forward to sharing our new products and vision with you!
    Jennifer XOXO
    PS: Tax Day Special $15 off $50 with code "Wellness"

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  • Make a Committment

    People who have successfully transformed their bodies call it a “lifestyle.” You really have to change your view on what you are going to do every day, we repeat habits daily because we know the long-term payoff, the benefits out-weigh the irritation of having to repeat tasks daily, like brushing your teeth.
    The easiest path to change is to make it non-negotiable. You just decide that these new habits are going to take priority over other things, and you change your lifestyle to reflect these new priorities. You are going to have to weigh the pain of staying the same against the pain of change and see if you can convince yourself that the effort is worth it.
    My job is to help you see that these changes have REAL benefits in your life, that you can feel great, look great and enjoy life on your terms. Of course you will not be perfect, so get that out of your head, seriously, this is not about perfection. This is about decision, loving yourself enough to become a priority to YOU!
    You will never regret working to make yourself better, I’m here because you needed to hear these words from someone who has been there- you deserve better, you deserve to live your best life. You deserve to treat yourself better, because if you can’t do it, who will?
    Whoever has mistreated you, abused you, hurt you, ignored you, forgive them and move on. Forgiveness will give you your life back, your strength back and stop your victim mentality.
    Forgiveness is NOT FOR THEM, ITS FOR YOU. It does not make what they did ok, it makes it ok for you to live your life.
    You have to decide you are worth more, before you can get more, decide that you want to change, that it is a done deal, that you are going to change some priorities, ask the Universe, God or Your Higher Self for help, knowledge and strength if you want to. Don’t put this responsibility on to someone else, a partner, family member, lover, child or anyone else, this is your decision and only you can change.
    To get a little "woo" on you, the full moon and Spring equinox are coming up, the moon signals a time to let go, move on and let new doors open, the equinox is a time of rebalancing. The start of Spring, all things begin anew, equal and balanced again. Whatever storm you passed through in Winter, you can now know that universal forces will rebalance injustices, repurpose resources and renew life. It's a great time to commit to yourself.
    This comes directly from my heart, in true knowing that you deserve the absolute best in life and I want you to have it.

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  • Essential Oils Video

    A lot of people have been asking me about essential oils, which are good to use while working on yourself, for cravings and detox bathing. I love essential oils, we even sell a rollerball with the fragrance of NST in the store to use when cravings strike!
    I made a fun little video tell you about my favorite oils- you can watch it here
    Weight Loss Transformation with Essential Oils- You Tube
    Thank you for liking and sharing it, I really appreciate it!

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