• Flush Out Toxic Fat with Miracle Juice Detox Recipe

    Is it time for a bit of "Spring Cleaning?"

    I love everything SPRING! even Spring Cleaning... because its a chance to renew my life!
    Spring is the best time for detox, so why not kick it off with a one day detox or increasing your nightly fasting time?
    Cranberry Juice helps flush away toxic fluids trapped in our tissues, this can account for 10-15 pounds trapped in our bodies! As I've previously mentioned, the flavonoids in tea help correct this problem from recurring, so drinking them together is helpful
    The spices in this miracle drink recipe are great at helping the liver and kidneys cleanse our intestines of waste that has built up during the cold, sedentary Winter when we're eating heavier, denser foods and not moving as much.
    You can either plan to do a day where you alternate 1 cup of the detox drink with 1 cup of water or use it in the morning instead of your normal breakfast, then begin eating at 12.
    Either way, you should get a week's worth of healthy eating under your belt before you try this detox, so your body isn't over loaded by the toxins this will bring into your blood stream. Let's do progress not perfection! Just eat a salad everyday & healthy dinner, okay? Not hard, so worth it.  
    Miracle Detox Juice Recipe
    2 quarts "Cranberry Water" (recipe follows)
    1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
    1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
    1/4 tsp ground ginger
    3/4 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
    1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
    2 Stevia packets (to taste- optional)
    To Make Cranberry Water: Add 8 ounces unsweetened cranberry juice to 56 ounces of water (this makes 2 qts)
    1. Bring cranberry water to a boil and reduce the heat to low
    2. Add ground spices to a tea infuser ball, add to the cranberry water, or for more intense flavor you can add spices directly into the cranberry water.
    3. Simmer 15-20 minutes, then turn off heat and cool to room temperature
    4. stir in orange and lemon juices, add stevia if desired and refrigerate.
    In the evening and the following day, I would recommend drinking Newport Skinny Tea or Mermaid Cove Metabolism Tea to safely trap toxins and escort them out of the body and renew your metabolism.
    Much Love & Magic to you
    Jennifer XOXO
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  • How to Get Relief with Magical Lavender

    Lavender flowers are quite magical, though we associate them with southern France in the Summer, I think they're a great flower to use during Spring, when we get affected by the seasonal changes. They are great to use in almost any form, but respect their potency, don't use them everyday and don't ever take the essential oil internally.
    Lavender is wonderful for easing anxiety and insomnia. You can use it to help dispel headaches and energetically it helps shield your entire energy field... like when you don't want people prying into your business or messing with your emotions. Think of it as your automatic chill button.
    The tea is full of antioxidants and incredibly uplifting, though it isn't a tea you should drink too frequently. The essential oil when dabbed at the third eye and throat chakras will keep out unwanted influences. To create harmony in your home, burn lavender flowers as incense or in your fire and burn lavender scented purple candles.
    Lavender is also well-known to attract love, so be careful who you wear it around. I like spraying it on my bedsheets, actually I love the smell anytime, on anything!
    Lavender is a gentle pain reliever, you can use the tea when you've been working or studying to hard and need to wind down for the night. Add the flowers to peppermint tea to warm your body or spearmint to cool your body. If you suffer from migraines like me, lavender essential oil in a bath can help soothe your aching brain.
    Our Corona del Mar paleo lean tea has lavender along with spearmint and calendula, perfect for  after a workout when you're really hot or after a family visit when they've pushed your buttons! This tea in particular can help stop emotional eating, it is also not caffeinated so you can use it when evening munchies hit.
    Trying to increase your meditation or yoga practice? Lavender in any form will help you connect with your spiritual side and focus, perfect as we welcome the Sun to Pisces, the mystical sign ruled by Neptune!
    Much Love & Magic this Spring
    Jennifer XOXO
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  • Crystal Infused Rose Body Scrub Love

    Need a big dose of self love?
    Maybe Rose Quartz is the crystal for you? It was one of the first crystals ever given to me, I had a candle maker tell me that it would be very beneficial for me to burn a candle with a rose quartz that had been placed inside of it and I found it tremendously soothing.
    Crystals can give their properties to anything they are put in; oil, wax, water. They have magical abilities to transmute the carrier with their powers and infuse them (and us) with qualities we need to absorb.
    Rose Quartz has properties of self-love, unconditional love, grounding, soothing, alleviates fears while promoting security.

    You can use rose quartz to charge your coconut oil for this delicious detox body scrub, just put your crystal into the oil 6-12 hours before you make it, but remember not all crystals are safe to use this way, be sure  to check first
    Himalayan Salt & Rose Body Scrub
    Calming to skin, invigorating to spirit
    1 cup Himalayan Pink Salt
    1/3 cup rose quartz infused coconut oil
    3 tablespoons crushed dried rose petals
    5-10 drops flower essential oil you know are safe on your skin, such as rose, ylang-ylang or chamomile
    Mix all ingredients in a small glass bowl or jar, apply generous amount of the scrub either before showering or while in the shower, be careful the coconut oil can make bathtubs slippery.
    We also carry Newport Skinny Tea detox botanical bath salts, which would be perfect to use for a detox bath after this scrub!
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  • Super Beauty Detox: Apples

    Here's an easy way to perk up your skin and hair with plain applesauce!You know I'm all about HEALTHY, NATURAL and NO CHEMICALS! What could be easier or cheaper than premade no-sugar applesauce?
    Apples contain natural alpha hydroxy acid that gently exfoliate by dissolving dead skin cells, which makes them the perfect ingredient for getting that healthy spring glow!
    Exfoliating Applesauce Mask
    2 Tablespoons sugar-free applesauce
    1 Tablespoon ground oats
    1 teaspoon honey
    2 teaspoons lemon juice
    Combine the applesauce, oats, honey and lemon juice in a small bowl, then apply the mixture to your face and neck, and sip some tea for 10 minutes. As you wash the mask off, gently rub in a circular motion to slough off dead skin cells. Towel dry and moisturize!
    Cleansing Applesauce Scalp Treatment
    Apply 1/2 cup sugar-free applesauce directly to your scalp and hair after shampooing, the malic acid will break down any clogged hair follicles and dead skin on the scalp. Let sit for 10 minutes while you sip tea and then rinse well. No need to condition!
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    Right now you can get our Mermaid Cove Metabolism Tea + Newport Skinny Tea evening blend detox on sale, this combination is very powerful at reducing inflammation and helping control cravings.

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  • Weight Loss- Calorie Deprivation vs Calorie Restriction

    Still starving yourself in order to lose weight? Is that working? Enjoying those mid day blood sugar swings, mood swings or late night eating marathons?
    When we think of losing weight, often we think of dieting, which means calorie deprivation.
    Most people believe "Calories in, Calories out" balance model is essential for losing body fat.
    That we must find that magical weight loss unicorn: THE CALORIE DEFICIT!

    I have been unicorn hunting for YEARS, and what I figured out is that hypothetically this model works, in basically a sealed chamber where you control all variables, however 50% of what determines your caloric burn is not something you directly control... I will talk more about that later this week.
    And, when you use the ALL CALORIES are CREATED EQUAL model of deprivation... aka, I'll starve all day and then I will eat half a pizza... because CALORIES.... you turn on all your feast or famine hormones I've talked a lot about previously, and no doubt will talk about again!
    Today, though, I want to talk about caloric restriction, specifically refined carbohydrate restriction.
    When you replace your refined carbohydrates with low glycemic vegetables and fruits, you naturally lower your caloric intake and you add fiber, vitamins and water.
    This GENIUS move also accomplishes 3 other really important things which help you LOSE WEIGHT and STOP AGING:
    1. reduces oxidative damage through less exposure to free radicals
    2. reduces excess blood glucose levels
    3. reduces excess insulin levels
    so, eating MORE food can produce better results, if they are the right foods. Those three points above are what we cause you to gain weight, gain illness and get old, not what we want! This is exactly why I designed Newport Skinny Tea!
    The key factors for an anti-aging, calorie restricted diet that will help you achieve ideal body composition, energy and mood, according to Barry Sears, Ph.D., who has been researching hormonal weight loss for over 20 years are:
    Adequate Protein
    Adequate Essential Fats
    Adequate Level of Quality Carbohydrate for Optimal Brain Function
    Adequate Vitamins & Minerals
    This is what I've been writing about for years, balancing your protein, veggies and fats at each meal, making sure you get water, fiber and vitamins!
    It is really hard to get off white sugar, flour and especially the liquid sugar drinks! That's what Newport Skinny Tea is designed to help you do, so it won't be so painful!
    Newport Skinny Tea was designed to help stop all the above conditions, that increase weight gain and rapid again. Very high in anti-oxidants and flavonoids, Newport Skinny Tea is very healing to the body when you are transitioning yourself to a Whole Foods balanced diet.
    This week, our Signature Newport Skinny Tea is $10 off, so get 21 days of day and night time teas for $27!
    Also available on!
    My highest wish is for you to experience great health and love yourself!
    Happy Valentines Day!
    Jennifer XOXO

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  • Are You Making This Huge Mistake?

    During the Body Breakthrough Program I want to emphasize how important it is that you set POSITIVE goals.
    Most people say they want to start eating healthy, but what they're saying to themselves in their mind is "so I don't get FAT."
    That's a negative goal, because it focuses your energy and attention on what you DON'T want.
    You need to take special attention to focus on what you DO want.
    99% of people never really think about what they DO want, they just live in fear of what they don't want.
    Take the time to really think about what would make you completely happy. Can you envision how you would live if you were at your dream weight, feeling healthy, alive and free?
    What would you do? How would your life change? How would you FEEL?
    No detail is too small, every single thing helps your brain know its goal, and really when you get super clear on a positive goal and you empower yourself to have it (We talked about that yesterday) it will start happening much more quickly.
    If fear comes up while you're doing this, that a sign that you have a block or cross purpose that's holding you back. Ask yourself what you would need to get over this fear!
    Here's to an amazing 2017!

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