• Metabolism Boosters

    I want to address stubborn metabolisms, if you've had weight problems, then you may need extra help revving up your metabolism.
    I have found switching to coconut oil for cooking to be essential to helping repair my metabolism. I use Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 32 Ounce - honestly the list of uses for it is endless.
    Also, I wrote an article about how to start being a fat-burning machine, its one of our most read blogs, it's a great place to start if you're just starting on your journey!
    Last day for our Spring Forward Bonus!
    Spring Forward Bonus
    Purchase a Newport Skinny Tea 21 day + Malibu Beach Beauty Pack today and receive an awesome free bonus valued at $60

    - Free Balboa Island Anti Bloat Tea (14 day) (reg $16)
    - Free Newport Skinny Tea detox face mask (reg $22)
    - Free Mermaid Cove Coffee Body Scrub (reg $22)
    Legally, products cannot promise weight loss results, as individual results vary and your results will be different from others, examples used on this website were sent in from individuals who used our products, they were not compensated. Please check with your doctor before starting any changes to your diet or fitness program, especially if you are on medication, which can always be affected.

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  • Cooking for fitness Magic Planning

    Plan and prepare your week of meals today!
    This kind of prep is what takes you to the next level, it really shows how much you believe in yourself and what you're doing, its putting your money and your time into doing something that will really support your goals.
    You won't have to think about making your next meal or finding something healthy when you're starving! It's already there!
    I know you're busy, tired and cranky-- that's why you need to PLAN!
    I challenge you today to plan and make your 10 lunches and dinners for the week.
    It's not as hard as it sounds, especially if you can handle repetition.
    Cook 10 portions of protein & 10 portions of vegetables, make a large mixed salad and cook a few potatoes if you can handle eating starchy carbs.
    I use these handy containers to store my food: 10 Pack 3 Compartment Meal Prep Food Storage Containers with Lids/BPA Free Bento Lunch Boxes/Divided Portion Control Container Plates-Microwave, Dishwasher Safe, Free Cutlery
    For 1 person the list of food might look like:
    4 chicken breasts
    8 ounces shrimp
    4 fish fillets or pork chops
    2 lean burgers (salmon, beef)
    mix and match seasonings and sauces
    1 pound green beans
    1 pound zucchini
    1 pound carrots
    1 pound peas
    large mixed salad- add cabbage, carrots, grape tomatoes, olives in a covered bowl.
    Cook: Simply calculate cooking time and put each in so they all finish nearly at the same time, you can roast or steam veggies, this is 6.4 ounces of vegetables per meal, add more if you want.  
    While everything is cooking, wash and chop greens & fruit for smoothies into plastic freezer bags or prepare your snacks.
    When everything is done, distribute into containers and store in fridge or freezer, meals for thurs/fri should be frozen.
    I don't recommend heating your food in plastic containers, so if you need to bring to work, I suggest investing in glass.

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  • Green Smoothie Crush Sugar Cravings Secrets

    Want more help crushing your sugar cravings? Add more greens to your diet, the minerals in the dark leafy vegetables squelch cravings for sugar by supplying your body what it actually needs!
    My favorite place to hide greens is in a smoothie, especially when paired with dark purple fruit, you can barely taste them and they're so filling.
    Below is a great info graphic from about how to create a detox green smoothie, try to keep the sugar low and the fiber high!
    Here's links to the products I personally love & use:
    Nutiva Organic Chia Seed, Black, 32 Ounce
    Benefiber Taste-Free, Sugar-Free Fiber Supplement Powder for Digestive Health
    Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein 15g, 3-Pound Bag
    Herbal Secrets USDA Certified Organic Maca Root Powder- 16 oz (1 lb)- GMO FREE- Supports Healthy Mood, Hormonal Balance, Cardiovascular Health & Immune Health
    Maca root is especially good if you have hormonal imbalances, like PMS, PMDD or PCOS. Regularly committing to drinking green smoothies will help you transform your health, if you don't like the first one you make, keep at it, start with more fruit than greens and gradually add more greens, this isn't a race, you have a long life, work at it a little until you get the balance right!!

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  • You are Going to WOW Youself

    I'm so glad you showed up for this Challenge!
    I know you want change, you want real, lasting change- you want to look better and feel great, right? You want summer legs, a flat stomach, unstoppable energy.
    I know how that feels, because I've been in your shoes.
    It's frustrating to try to change and just be stuck, making no progress all while killing yourself thinking you're doing the "right" things.
    But the truth is, and I'm going to tell it to you straight, for things to change, things have to change. YOU actually have to change, and that takes guts.
    I know, you're saying "Yeahhh right" but most people do not really want to change, they think if they just suffer through deprivation for awhile they can achieve their ideal weight and then back to normal.
    There are many reasons that won't work long-term, and we'll be covering that.
    But today, first thing, I want you to believe that there is a better way to live that hating your body, starving and binging, trying to exercise it off and never really getting the results you want, never really feeling ahmazing!
    I want you to bravely face your deepest desires, about who you can become, who you want to become and why. Why is the key.
    Why do you want to change? What are you going to get out of it? Love, admiration, security, attention, self-confidence, finally wearing an amazing dress you've had in your closet forever... what is it that is lacking in your life right now? What would you do anything for?
    Who do you need to be to have what you want?
    What result would make you say WOW?
    Really, really think about that for a minute, maybe a day. If you were the person who was living in your body at your ideal weight, what decisions would you be making? What thoughts would you be thinking? What clothes would you be wearing? What would life be like?
     Make that mental connection and you will see that the other, harder changes will become so much easier. You've got to sell yourself on the outcome FIRST!
    Goal for tomorrow: Eat Protein & Vegetables at each meal
    Drink 3 cups of tea and 5 cups of water
    Snap a picture of your before self

    I know you can do this! Make sure you think about who you are becoming first thing in the morning and last thing at night- set your alarm with a reminder!
    Jennifer XOXO
    PS: Even if steps seem simple, do them! Really commit to thinking, planning and implementing them- trust the system, you will see change!

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  • March Challenge

    Join in our next free online Drop a Dress Size Challenge starting March 10th, plus special bonus below!
    Enjoy unstoppable energy with my most popular quick & easy breakfast recipes
    Break your sugar addiction once and for all with Simple low-sugar smoothies & snacks
    Release unwanted fat and reduce inflammation without calorie counting by using my Mix & Match Meal prep system (never drive thru again)
    Renew your glowing skin, hair and nails with daily beauty detox practices
    Skyrocket your results in 5-10 minutes a day with the NST Wellness Mindset 
    March 10th- 24th
    The Special Detox March Challenge package below will dramatically support you on the challenge by helping:
    jumpstart your slow metabolism
    increasing your daily energy without sugar
    reducing bloat while improving digestion
    help you feel better during detox
    relax so you can sleep easier and deeper
    BONUS: buy the challenge package in the next 2 days and you will receive a free BPA-free fruit-infusing water bottle
    $20 value, no code needed
    I'm so committed to your success, I know if you focus on you for 14 days and use the tools in this challenge, you will feel better, look better and change yourself quickly!
    Legally, products cannot promise weight loss results, as individual results vary and your results will be different from others, examples used on this website were sent in from individuals who used our products, they were not compensated. Please check with your doctor before starting any changes to your diet or fitness program, especially if you are on medication, which can always be affected.

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    First of all, I believe in you.
    I know you can do ANYTHING. Whatever. The. Hell. You. Want.
    What about you?
    Are you sure? Have you committed to YOU?
    Unless you are ALL IN, part of you is still expecting to fail. So here, let's make a pact together to really commit to ourselves and what we want.
    What do you want? Why do you want it?
    Mostly we want things that we feel will make us "happy" which never really seem to pay off. Have you noticed that external things and even people, never really seem to pay off the way you want them to?
    Happiness is an inside job, happiness is knowing YOU ARE WORTH IT.
    Worth it? Okaaaaayyyy says my inner 12 year old, raised on Loreal commercials and sarcasm...
    But its true, you are worth the time it takes, the money it takes, the attention it takes, the absolute effing and real loyalty, honesty, blood, sweat and tears it takes, the soul baring moment when you say THIS IS NO LONGER ENOUGH, I WANT MY LIFE TO BE THE SHIT!
    Your happiness is worth all of it, BUT ONLY YOU CAN CLAIM IT.
    And I'm not just talking, its my truth, its what was at the end of my rainbow and it is the POT OF GOLD you've been looking for.
    See, I know what its like to struggle, to settle, to wonder.... am I good enough? And to LOOK AND LOOK AND LOOK for the answer... OUT THERE.
    The answer isn't out there.
    As you can tell, I'm PASSIONATE about this topic.
    I'm passionate about YOU finding YOUR BODY, LIFE, SOUL SUCCESS- Whatever that means to you!
    No more waiting, No more wondering, NO NO NO there isn't time for that now, YOU need you and WE need you!!
    Commit TODAY, NOW, THIS SECOND To yourself!!! To really letting your light, your happiness, your BRILLIANCE shine through to this world that is dying for more of it.
    Much love and health to you
    Jennifer XOXO
    PS Take this seriously, I know one moment in time can be LIFE CHANGING!

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