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  • [BC] How to Make Banana Nice Cream

    Don't you just love ice cream in the summer?
    If you haven't yet jumped on the banana nice cream trend,
    now is the time to do it!
    What's nice cream?
    Its basically frozen bananas blended

    until they're smooth and creamy like ice cream!
    Here's the basic recipe for
    Banana Blueberry Nice Cream:
    2 1/2 frozen bananas
    1/2 cup frozen blueberries
    1-2 tbsp. water
    Mix all and blend until ice creamy
    (Add more or less water for desired consistency) you may have to scrape the sides of your container a couple times
    There's a thousand and one ways to change it up-
    add any fruit, nut or mix in you can think of
    add nutritional items like flax, chia, bee pollen, protein powder, or even nut butters, avocado or cocoa powder
    Make your frozen bananas into a smoothie, smoothie bowl, ice cream sandwich, popsicle or serve it in a fruit bowl for breakfast!
    Replacing high fat dairy with nutritious banana is a great step for your skin, too! You should see a reduction in inflammation, redness and puffiness.
    Bananas are high in potassium, which is great for your nerves, relaxation and muscle tension.
    Hope you enjoy, would love to see what you create on Insta! Tag me!
    Jennifer XOXO

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  • How to be in Fat Burning Mode more of the time

    First of all... don't be scared by the mention of the word fasting. I'm not asking you to starve yourself and drink only water.
    If you're struggling with weight loss, especially while eating carbs, I can guess you have a history of losing weight and gaining weight. You struggle with what to eat, how much to eat and how much to exercise.
    Eventually this struggle results in decision fatigue, at that point you just want to give up having to expend energy making health decisions where you are constantly having to weigh your values and goals against your immediate wants and needs.
    This constant weighing back and forth is exhausting. Everyone from President Obama to Steve Jobs has spoken about how simplifying their decision making process has saved their sanity.
    If you are constantly wondering how and what you're going to eat, a lot of your mental energy is consumed by what should be a simple decision. Your brain, though, only wants to make so many decisions. A diet "plan" seems to solve this problem by telling you what to eat, until your immediate needs of your body and mind take over and you give up following the plan. One reason that your body's needs take over is because your body is not being able to access and use your fat stores for energy, so its sending signals to your brain that its starving and you should SEND FOOD NOW!
    And so you eat, anything you can find!
    If you are struggling to use fat as energy, you have an insulin issue, I'm not claiming you are pre-diabetic or have metabolic syndrome, but your insulin is probably out of whack some how.
    Getting insulin low is the key to unlocking your fat stores and using them. All foods affect insulin to some degree, but any starchy carb or refined sugar is the worst at spiking your insulin up high and putting a pad lock on your fat stores, while maybe even adding to them.
    Intermittent fasting helps correct insulin imbalances by making your body more sensitive to insulin, so it needs to make less of it and it uses it better. It seems to allow the body to access and use their fat stores, which means you lose body fat without feeling so uncomfortable.

    Women seem to be better suited to fasting about 14-15 hours at a time and it seems to give them similar results to a man's 18 hour fast. This would mean eating your last meal at 8pm and not eating again until 10 am. If you normally eat until 11pm and then get up at start eating around 6 or 7 am, this one change would almost double your "fasting" period.
    Intermittent Fasting and decreasing your insulin is one area that the original Newport Skinny Tea program can definitely help you with, if you eat your dinner between 7-8pm and have your evening tea after that, you will not have any additional increases in your insulin, which will allow your body to go into fat burning mode during the night.
    The same goes with the morning, if you can get up and just drink your tea, do some exercise and not eat until 10 am, you will likely become more sensitive to insulin. You will be using up any stored energy in your muscles and then when you eat your body will be able to use it instead of store it.
    Also, in Newport Skinny Tea there are several ingredients that help your insulin sensitivity, cinnamon is well known to help you be more insulin sensitive. Kokum (Carcinia Cambogia) also helps your pancreas repair its beta cells, which produce insulin. Green and black tea also make your body better at using body fat.
    This week I want you to try to increase your resting "fasting" period to 8pm until 10am. If this feels uncomfortable, then go slow, increase it by 20-30 minutes at a time, in one week that can be three and a half hours!
    Jennifer XOXO
    PS this email is not medical advice and should never be considered as such, please contact your doctor for specific medical advice regarding your personal medical history.

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  • How Your Life Goals are Destroyed By Lack of Sleep & Worry

    Six important goal areas of life that are destroyed by chronic worry and not getting enough sleep, if you want to be healthy, beautiful, slim and full of energy you'd better start by sleeping more:
    1. Exercise seems much harder when you are tired, which means you are more prone to skip working out or make your workout less intense. In a "circle of life" type moment, when you exercise at a high level, sleep quality and overall stress levels generally improve. So if consistently exercising is one of your goals, you can start improving this cycle with sleeping more, you're welcome!
    2. Hunger Hormones become disrupted and you find yourself much hungrier than when you are well-rested. Usually we don't really notice that these two things are linked, but researchers assure us they are! Again, sticking to a diet becomes much easier when you are getting over 7 hours of sleep per night, remember sleeping in a totally dark room has significant health benefits.
    3. Headaches, especially migraines, are more common when you are chronically stressed, sleep-deprived and fatigued, which affects the quality of your life.
    4. Your risk for colds and infections shoots up, it seems if you don't make time for adequate rest your body will demand it of you, because your immune system can't defend yourself as well.

    5. Blood Sugar regulation is compromised to a startling degree. One study recently published showed when young, healthy men went for only 3 nights without adequate sleep they developed pre-diabetic conditions in their blood sugar!
    6. Your metabolism may be hindered by not enough rest, this is of course influenced by other factors we have already discussed, as your body works as a system, its constantly adjusting metabolism. Children are affected by lack of sleep as well, there are studies linking childhood obesity to lack of sleep as one factor.
    These important factors are why I'm dedicating this next challenge to relaxation and sleep! Join in, you will find it rewarding to take your relaxation habits to the next level and see great benefits quickly.
    Our next Challenge will start April 24th and run through May 6th. It will only be 14 days.
    So get ready!!! 
    If you want to use the Newport Skinny Tea original system for the Challenge you can buy it now for $1 per day, yes its on sale for $14
    You may also use the Newport Skinny Tea & Corona del Mar Lean Tea bundle, which is a fantastic relaxing tea for night! On Sale for $22

    Jennifer XOXO

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  • My Secret Tool No One Uses!!

    First of all, congratulations for being here!!
    You are taking the time and energy to do something almost no one does, to educate yourself and take steps to reach your goals.
    You're in the right place at the right time, are you ready to learn a big, but simple, secret?
    Now, don't dismiss it when you hear it, because I bet you've never really tried to use it, 98 out of 100 people HAVE NOT!
    The truth is only 2% of people have written goals!
    So, want to join the elite achievers and change everything in the next 2 minutes, and also nearly doubles your chance of weight loss success?
    I thought so, let's go, close your eyes and envision your ideal health, energy and body. Whatever your end goal is, see the picture in your mind and feel what it feels like to already have it be true.
    Now try your best to put that feeling into words, its good to describe it in a number, but our brain has a really hard time with what numbers mean since we don't feel them.
    Feelings and pictures are best, that's the language our brain speaks, so if you have a picture to look at, that may help... but form a picture in your mind and feel the feeling of achieving at the same time.
    So here's the BIG step: Write It Down! Exactly what you want, and when you want it.
    I find the best thing to do is to write my goal on a note on my phone and put it on my lock screen. But where ever you decide it is safe to put it, you must look at it and feel it three times per day.
    Absolute best times are when you wake up, when you go to sleep and before you decide to eat.
    Make a commitment now, to yourself and to me, that you will do this for the next 21 days.
    You do NOT need to make a plan, you do not need to write down 25 steps to achieving your goal or anything else that takes a lot of time or energy.
    3 times a day 1-2 minutes at a time, "live" in your dream and feel yourself already achieving it. That is all for now.
    This challenge will be small, easy steps and hopefully won't overwhelm you, trust the process and do the work. You won't change overnight, but if you follow the steps and keep going you will see progress!
    I KNOW you can do whatever you set your mind to, the first step is deciding what you want and writing it down, then showing your mind this goal a couple times a day in a language it can understand!
    Step into the 2% and decide to change your life!
    If you already have your tea, then use it as directed, do your best to eat clean and keep checking in to the daily emails!
    You have one more day to order the 21 day NST or Mermaid system to use in the challenge!
    Jennifer XOXO

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  • Essential Tips to Fight Food Cravings

    Newport Skinny Tea is designed to help you with your food cravings, but sometimes cravings persist... generally when I dig deeper, its because someone is trying to drink NST and keep eating a really poor diet that does not support their body at all, which creates what I call an awful CRAVINGS CYCLE...

    If you think that your food cravings are only a result of your emotions, urging you to eat foods that are not good for your health then you need to think again. Nutritionists suggest that there is a lot more to food cravings than just emotional urges. According to nutritionists your cravings can also be the result of fatigue and stress that tend to lower the blood sugar and nutrient levels in your body. Your body is crying out for NUTRIENTS to balance itself.

    This, in turn, causes your hormones to go haywire and you end up eating foods that contain high amounts of sugar to try to feel better. While, these foods can satisfy your cravings at the time, your body won’t be getting the essential nutrients that boost energy levels and repair itself. And when your energy is zero, you just end up eating more junk food. However, there are ways you can tackle your junk food cravings and get out of the negative craving cycle you may be stuck in:

    Distract Yourself

    Nutritionists suggest that food cravings usually last for only fifteen minutes and if you can convince yourself to wait for these fifteen minutes, the craving is likely to pass away. You can distract yourself by going out for a walk, reading a book or doing some light exercises that might compel you to eat something healthy after. Worst distraction: TV, which may have commercials designed to entice you to eat more. Best distraction: journaling about what is bugging you!

    Knowing the Trigger

    Before you start eating unhealthy foods it is important understand factors that trigger your appetite in the first place. For example, if you feel like eating 2 bags of chips, gulping it down with 3 cans of coke after work then you might be under a lot of job stress. Poor consumption of water can also trigger your thirst for carbonated drinks. You may also be skipping meals, to tackle your triggers it is important to have your meals on time along with eating natural fruit sugar to calm your cravings. It is also important that you deal with your stress rather than suppressing it, deep breathing, meditation, exercise and our Sunset Beach Relaxing Tea can help get your stress levels under control.

    Keep Track

    Keep a track of when your food cravings hit you if you notice that these have become a regular occurrence with you. If you notice that these occur after dinner around 8 pm at night then probably you owe these to an emotional factor. Figure out why you have been under stress lately, it takes some honesty but in the end you will become free of your emotional stress eating. Ultimately, you need to put yourself first, making sure that you are getting what you need from the people around you to feel supported.

    However, if these occur somewhere around 3 pm then it may be a sign that your body’s nutritional needs are not being fulfilled. Look into your diet and try to figure out what is lacking, are you consuming the right amount of protein? Are eating fruits and vegetables? It is important to find the right balance in your diet, remember the hormonal influence of each meal lasts a maximum of 5 hours, then you have another chance to get it right. Don’t waste one minute feeling bad about what you have eaten, this will only lead to more stress, just plan to get it right the next time.

    Allow Yourself to Indulge Occasionally

    Telling yourself that you will never eat another Dorito or Krispy Kreme as long as you live will probably backfire on you, if you truly love eating a particular junk food, the best way to keep it under control is to plan to eat it occasionally, which means once a week or less. If you know that you are completely helpless when certain foods are in the house, only buy it when you go out, and do not bring it into the house. At holiday celebrations, make sure you fill up on the healthiest options first, then let yourself have whatever treat you want. One meal is not going to ruin you so enjoy your family’s celebration, just don’t let the indulging become consistent for you.

    Sincerest wishes that this helps you during the holiday season!


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  • [NTC] Day 5 You're my Hero

    Meal Plan:

    Breakfast: Bacon & Root Veggie Hash, 2 eggs any style or 3 ounces protein

    Lunch: Leftover Asian Style Meatballs, cabbage & Bok choy slaw

    Dinner: Shepard's Pie with green salad and dressing of choice

    Snack: Grain Free Banola + milk, coconut Milk or Full fat yogurt

    Drink your tea!!


    Short PEM workout

    5 minutes easy warm up
    One to Two Sets Maximum Reps of
    Pull Ups or Lunges
    Abdominal Planks
    Cool Down Stretch



    If you're on this journey with me, I know one thing about you- You're a HERO, you've stepped up to go through this new journey, to achieve something spectacular, to solve your problem and help yourself.


    Heroes aren't just in movies and books, heroes are anyone that dares to put themselves into a situation where they are in danger, they risk revealing their own vulnerabilities, injury, peril and possibly failure. They are the opposite of victims.


    Do you see yourself as a hero?


    Having been where you are, I feel safe in saying the answer may be NO.


    But its time to change that, even though I may not exactly be done with my journey entirely, I've seen enough to know that we are definitely HEROES and we need to start treating ourselves like the special people we are.


    Our journey is important, and has the potential to change the lives of everyone around us, for the better. Think of the way you impact others when you encourage them to be healthier, simply by asking someone to take a walk with you can be enough to change their health and their lives.


    I know how easy it is to underestimate your influence, especially when it comes to food & health, I challenge you to simply be an example of good choices and good health. To be the brave person I know you are, I don't think you ever even need to talk about what you're doing differently, people will see the positive change you are making and the belief you have in yourself, and they will be inspired, so don't be surprised when people start asking you what you are doing differently!


    If you need to, create an alter ego Hero persona, I talked about that last challenge here on the blog. Until it becomes comfortable for you to treat your choices and your life as heroic. Its only one tiny decision, that can make a huge difference.

    Don't forget to double knot your cape ;)

    Jennifer XOXO

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